re all different. The capital taught Chu Weiyang to ignore this person.

In fact, even though this person stood in front of Chu Weiyang at this time, Chu Weiyang could see clearly at a glance, but when he looked back in his mind and memory to think about it, he still felt that there was a layer of clouds and mist covering the height of this person. Chu Weiyang couldn’t tell whether he was fat, thin, beautiful or ugly, but when he saw that plain white color, it seemed that it was the only appearance of this person.
“The poor man went to the Ming Palace, Meng Huaizhen.”
/Almost as soon as the words fell, the buzzing sound of spiritual light fell from the mysterious light shield.
Then, under Chu Weiyang’s gaze, it was clear that he had never seen the slightest movement of Meng Huaizhen, not even the slightest shaking in his wide sleeves. However, as if a little spiritual light disintegrated into dust, in an instant, he was in the same place. Li Menghuaizhen’s figure seemed to collapse.
In just an instant, thirty-six white figures seemed to surround Chu Weiyang’s figure from all directions.
Some were already very close, and the strong wind began to blow against Chu Weiyang’s skin, sending out a tingling sensation; some were as hazy and distant as the ends of the earth, making Chu Weiyang unable to focus on his vision.
Among the complicated changes in this moment, Chu Weiyang could only feel something similar to the Wuji seal pattern on the death-defying altar, but it was different from the Earth Master’s method and did not appear as round. Fusion, but extremely obscure.
This is using the Tiangang method to control the magnetic power!
Almost instantly, when Chu Weiyang had such a thought, there was already a faint light shining between Chu Weiyang’s eyebrows.
The majestic madness of his mind shone around Chu Weiyang’s body. Invisible fireworks seemed to be burning the air around him, and the hot surges originating from the blood and qi were continuously discharged in all directions.
But when the thirty-six figures with the meaning of Tiangang on their feet fell into the hole illuminated by Chu Weiyang’s spiritual thoughts, what Chu Weiyang sensed was almost the same aura and aura.
He couldn’t detect the truth and the truth.
When facing an opponent like Meng Huaizhen, falling at a disadvantage often means worse results.
/Sure enough, just a moment later, when a ray of magnetic divine light emerged from Chu Weiyang’s side, and a certain body shape seemed to move with it, because there was no way to know the reality, Chu Weiyang almost chose to use all his strength in the blink of an eye. Be on guard.
A single thought arises, and all the talismans appear!
Sixty-four Taiyin Thunder Seal talismans hang on the side of Chu Weiyang. The seal talismans intertwine and resonate with each other, and they change in a flash. It is even difficult to tell whether it is a round canopy or something similar to Octagonal tortoise shell.
But everything was in vain.
The magnetic divine light, the figure that moved with it, and e