l whether they are talking harmoniously or fighting in the end. But he is not optimistic.

“What are you afraid of? I think the female alchemist will be on our side!” Wang Xuan was somewhat confident and wanted to invite the female alchemist from three thousand years ago to come here to take action.
/Lao Chen said with a heavy heart: “It’s too late. When Qingmu comes to rescue the troops, everything will come to an end here.”
Wang Xuan frowned, it was indeed an oversight. They were standing in the empty time, and their situation was very special. It would be too late when Aoki came back.
At that time, the red-clothed female demon fairy should have broken through the curtain. If she set foot here, the interior would be stained with blood, and she might kill them all.
There was another crack in the curtain, and the entire interior was shaken, which was depressing.
The origin of the identity of the red-dressed female demon fairy more than two thousand years ago was probably quite astonishing, otherwise one would not be so arrogant as to think that the female sword fairies of later generations would have heard of her legend.
At this time, the white tiger, which had one of its claws cut off, stood up again. Seeing that the red-clothed female demon fairy was so invincible and unswervingly moving forward, it suddenly became energetic and walked towards Wang Xuan and the others silently.
“The big cat is here again!” Aoki’s body was stiff. There were several bloody holes in his body, and the front and back were translucent. This was an interior location, so he could not die. If he had been carried around by a white tiger in another place, he would have become a corpse.
Lao Chen was also filled with hatred. Not long after he surpassed the Grand Master, he was bitten by a big demon, and half of his body was bitten through.
The white tiger opened its big mouth and was actually smiling. It was full of violence, and its ferocity also contained a hint of cruelty and strong malice. Its owner was about to kill him, and it couldn’t control it now.
“Do you still want to take a sword?” Lao Chen shouted.
Wang Xuan also spoke and said: “The little kitten that has been petted for many years will want to be poked in the butt again if it doesn’t obey me, right?”
The big cat is a little confused. Are these three people talking to it? He actually took the initiative to commit suicide. It was a naked provocation. You must be tired of living!
/It glanced at the woman holding an oiled paper umbrella behind the curtain, as if it had returned to that era again, when it was invincible in the world, and wherever its gaze went, the top warriors from all walks of life would bow their heads!
Therefore, it floated up and walked towards the three of them with elegant steps.
Wang Xuan decided to shout to the female sword fairy. The reason why the three of them provoked the white tiger was because they wanted the sword fairy to take action, but the big cats came over with elegant cat steps, and she didn’t move.
“Sword Fairy, this demon