attracted here?

Wang Xuan and Chen Yongjie looked at each other, and at the same time thinking about the above possibility, they both looked strange. In the past, the powerful formation could not be broken, but now they are still longing for it, maybe it really involves the treasure!
“This may be a forbidden area where all the power of a brilliant civilization has been gathered. Otherwise, there is no way to stop those peerless experts.”
This also means that the creation of this place may really shock people.
/However, it could only fight for a short time. In an instant, it fell apart and then disintegrated.
“Six peerless masters, including Lao Zhang who is very unlucky and trapped outside, there are seven in total. There must be a treasure here!” Chen Yongjie said seriously.
There were lightning and thunder in the sky, and the clouds were very thick. Lightning kept falling, surrounding the ruins into a city of lightning.
And there are ten layers of ruins in the void, layer after layer, until the clouds are covered by light curtains, with hazy passages connecting each other.
“Everyone, you and I are here again, but this time is different from the past. The extraordinary is about to die, and the restrictions here are also decayed. We should be able to open it if we work together.”
“Then let’s start it together.” One person said, and everyone agreed.
At the same moment, all six people were attacked. They were flying around on the spot. The light of the soul escaped, which was equivalent to the blood of the soul splattering out. This scene was quite terrifying!
However, the stone gate standing in the void was indeed activated by them. Behind it, a hazy place gradually emerged, and something close to reality rushed out of the stone gate.
At the same time, the spiritual world here roared, vibrated, and was also activated.
“Something is wrong!” Wang Xuan and Chen Yongjie hid in the ruins of Lightning City, looked up, and then were completely stunned.
In the clouds, endless fires lit up, connected by lightning, and the beating drums of the mental mummies on the remnants of the clouds turned into clusters of thunder and fire!
Thunder intertwined, and huge lightning connected the sky and the earth, penetrating the entire void. The lightning city became more and more three-dimensional, and actually showed a shape!
It is a huge human head. The thunder and fire are like the bioelectricity of the cerebral cortex, communicating with each other, flashing, and transmitting information.
/“Where are we? It seems to be on its chin!”
The thunder and fire in the clouds are connected and intertwined in the void, forming a huge head. The ten-layered ruins in the air are the core area of ??the head.
“This mythical civilization must have been terrifyingly powerful back then!” Wang Xuan said in surprise, how many eras have passed, but they still have their forbidden areas left.
At this time, the entire Lightning City felt a suffocating sense of oppression. This magnificent ruins became different, as if a huge life fo