eople say so. In fact, now it seems that it is more appropriate to mention Wang Xuan in this way. At that time, due to some reasons, misunderstandings occurred, and he was downplaying the past. After returning this time, he did not come back to Xinxing again. He went on the road again without contacting us.”

“What, Wang Xuan is traveling far away again?” Zhong Cheng was surprised.
Zhong Qing was also surprised, and secretly sighed, this is really a practicing madman, he just came back, and then left again. It is really poisonous to set foot on the extraordinary path.
“This time, he is in outer space in the old land. I want to go and take a look.” Zhao Qinghan said.
Deep in the secret realm, Wang Xuan frowned. The three fire piles disappeared, and the civilized fire pile where he discovered the mental illness method also disappeared. The general environment has changed, and this place is also a little different.
In fact, before the universe changes, the embers of civilization cannot be seen in real time, but only when there are some opportunities.
/The entire secret space became smaller and lost its extraordinary energy. It was not enough to support everything it once was, but this was also a good thing. It saved Wang Xuan’s time. Soon he saw the Gobi Desert and came to the end.
Ahead, the white mist shrouded and was a little blurry. It was the dividing line between the secret realm and the spiritual world. Theoretically, it was difficult to cross it with the physical body.
However, at this stage, Wang Xuan has no soul, and it is difficult for the rebuilt spiritual realm to escape from the physical body at this stage.
He took out all the true creation crystals and divided them into two piles. One pile was used to activate the treasure and was a consumable on the way forward, and the other pile was reserved for the return journey.
“Is it enough? Give it a try.”
/The cosmic crack that gave birth to the Royal Dao Flag needs to traverse a considerable distance in the depths of the spiritual world.
“Several super civilizations are related to this place. Maybe they have discovered something here, or they have wanted to leave through that crack in the universe.”
Wang Xuan once again activated the treasure, just like a sword, letting the Yudao Spear take him across the spiritual world. Otherwise, his flesh and blood body would now fall into it, like falling into a quagmire.
Brilliant light pierced the spiritual world. He was moving forward at great speed. In the process, he corrected his position from time to time. Various pictures that had appeared in his mind, such as the Royal Dao Spear and the God-Slaying Flag, appeared in his mind. He was approaching his destination!
“I saw it, it’s there!” Wang Xuan looked happy. It was not the place where the huge spiritual head was last time, but another strange place.
There are also some benefits to the error correction in the big universe, that is, even the spiritual world has been strongly suppressed, blurred, and the area has shrunk a lot.
The Royal Dao Spear was s