“murderer” was.

“It’s impossible. Apart from the Demon Lord’s parents and Fang Yuzhu, who else in the fairy world can compete with Qi Tian?”
“Although I am a transcendent, I am also combining the technological route. I have seen those blurry videos and think that the time points that appear are too deliberate.”
Wang Xuan ignored all this. On the way, he had been recovering from his injuries, passing through the wormhole, and sending a few people home.
/Three days later, he triggered his spiritual sense and led everyone into the interior location again.
“Wang Xuan, are you feeling unwell?” Zhao Qinghan asked, fearing that the interior scene foreshadowed Wang Xuan’s physical condition.
Qingmu, Wu Yin, and the little fox fairy also looked at him, worried about him.
He shook his head and told them it was okay. He observed carefully and sensed carefully that a new inner scene was condensing, turning into light spots, barely visible, and submerging into his flesh, blood, soul.
“Waiting for rebirth in decay, perhaps all of this is consistent with the environment of the world. Myths are extinguishing, transcendence is heading towards the cold winter night, and my interior locations are also beginning to wither, and they are also responding to the situation.”
But he believes that even if this place is decayed, he can still achieve nirvana and give birth to an unknown interior place, as long as nothing happens.
In the end, Wang Xuan’s body recovered, the blood hole in his heart healed, his broken spine grew again, and everything was fine. Moreover, his Taoism has improved and improved in all aspects. He has a feeling that he is not far from overcoming the tribulation.
A few days later, the evil dragon began to take action. He led the crowd to the Immortal Land, and entered the great enchantment of the gods from the fairy world, holding a feathered banner.
The world is shocked!
Is he going for revenge, or is he going to fight for the last treasure?
“He went to the Immortal Land, are you sure?” Wang Xuan was surprised.
Soon, they got the exact news that the Yuhua Banner had once shown its power there, and it couldn’t be false.
Wang Xuan kept running, accelerating the spacecraft, penetrating wormholes one after another, and crossing the universe. He took this opportunity to prepare to land in the old soil.
“The evil dragon has left the fairy world. I can just go over and bring the Sword Fairy out!”
Originally, he was not prepared to act rashly in the short term, and it was not appropriate to risk going behind the scenes, but now there is no problem, and the evil dragon has traveled far away.
Chaofan is about to die forever, and it’s time to bring out the main body of the Sword Fairy.
A few days later, they did not stop when passing by the new star, and used the wormhole to set off again. Finally, the spacecraft landed quietly on the old soil.
/The silver-white spaceship landed safely. It was a small spaceship when it left. It was a similar model when it came back, but everything inside was turned upside down.