else, as if it has reappeared the light of ancient times.

“That is” even Zhang Daoling was shocked.
The expressions of the Dark Blood Cult Ancestor and the Demon Lord changed suddenly. They had experienced the end of ancient times, and in the ancient times they traced back, they saw some vague scenes, including murders, conspiracies, and bloodshed.
“Or is it because this madman has become the only person who has experienced it, so he can reveal all the old scenes?”
Zhen Chao and Gou Chao are both super extraordinary people. They drive Xiaoyao Zhou and go together to trace the past of Sword Madman. They really want to kill him.
Many people did not expect that the two of them were fighting Fang Yuzhu to death earlier, and now they have joined forces with her to overthrow this ancient madman.
/The madman was very terrifying. He stood high in the sky, opened and closed with the human sword, slashed at Fang Yuzhu, and burst out one after another of the supreme rules between the bracelet, making the stars outside the territory tremble, and the nearby planets exploded directly.
Now, he was not worried when facing Xiaoyaozhou, who was looking back at the time. His pupils shot out terrifying beams of light, he snorted coldly, and recited an ancient mantra.
With a bang, time collapsed, Xiaoyaozhou struggled violently, rushed out of the sky of history, and almost escaped from the control of the two extraordinary people.
“Sure enough, you got it and manipulated it.” The originator of Chaojue Palace looked gloomy. If they hadn’t been reminded by the people from the Immortal Land, they might have been attacked and killed unexpectedly by this madman in the end.
“Unfortunately, human energy is limited, and it is difficult to fully refine two or three treasures.” The originator of Gouchen Imperial Palace controlled Xiaoyao Zhou with boundless murderous intent.
This time, something unexpected happened. They were hit by the madman’s peerless sword light and hit the treasure boat. The Supreme Rules shook violently. Both of them coughed up blood. The sword light seemed to be avoided, but it shone into their hearts. As long as If you see the light of the sword, you will be struck by the sword!
For a moment, both of them were in a trance, their souls were almost torn apart, while Xiaoyao Zhou was still shaking violently.
The ancient madman groaned and retreated, unable to be pursued.
Because, the Mu Tian Bracelet in Fang Yuzhu’s hand passed by, and his armor shattered into pieces, exposing his left arm. If it weren’t for his extraordinary strength, his whole body would have exploded.
The human sword and him condensed into one body, glowing at the same time, holding up the light curtain and protecting the physical body.
On the other side, a tall and celestial figure appeared, holding a feathered flag, and crashed down. His immortal power shocked the world, and overturned Xiaoyao Zhou.
If the two originators hadn’t woken up in time and wiped out the sword light in their minds, they would have almost been hit by the sup