er to swallow mountains and rivers.

Not long after, Xiaoyao Zhou flew from the starry sky corresponding to the big barrier, arrived in a flash, and suspended in the sky. The flying boat was stained with blood, and the two super peerless battle suits were broken. Their sworn brothers were all in bad condition, covered in blood, and some of them were lying there motionless.
Then, the Feathered Banner appeared, and the evil dragon came with several people, all covered in blood. The treasures fought, and both sides were injured.
Shenming Palace also flew here.
“Unlucky, it turned out to be a nest of wild spirits, and only one was killed!” Two shadows appeared, riding the immortal umbrella from the depths of the universe in the real world, and opened the big barrier and entered.
/The pool of life then appeared and descended.
Everyone is surprised that the treasure that originated from the land of technological life actually has a nest of powerful evil spirits inside? It seems that there must be a transcendent existence.
“Is it an ancient beast spirit, or a creature that controls a spaceship that doesn’t belong to this universe?” Shang Yi, a madman who had been silent most of the time and had no interaction with the monks from all walks of life, actually took the initiative to ask.
“There are two types of monsters, but they stayed together. We killed one with difficulty and repeatedly provoked them. This is a preliminary lesson for them!” It must be said that the parents of the demon master are very strong, and they will kill them when they say they will. Kill an opponent.
“Everyone, you and I are all the same. We are all fighting for survival. Since we want to keep the myth alive, it is natural to survive the fittest. Only the strongest remaining ones will cooperate to be more sure. Although we set foot on the battlefield, it is not for vendetta, but for revenge. We are accelerating this process.” A ferocious spirit spoke, dormant in the life pool and did not come out.
“Only when the treasures are gathered together can there be a way to survive. There has been a precedent before. No matter how strong a person’s cultivation is, he cannot refine multiple treasures. We need our sincere cooperation.”
“Everyone, the extraordinary is coming to an end. We are here to discuss a new path, find a way to overcome the disaster, and move towards the next era together!”
“What’s missing is a health stove, which is very important!”
“Everyone, the mountains are high and the rivers are long. We will see you later. Let’s strive to see each other again in the next new era of mythology.” Wang Xuan said goodbye and prepared to run away.
/Now that he was sure that Fang Yuzhu was fine, that he was so powerful and could truly rival the ancient sword madman, he had nothing to worry about.
In addition, with the shadow couple here, and the masters of the Buddhist and Taoist families co-managing the Divine Palace, there should be no life-and-death battle for people at the level of transcendence.
He is leaving, he has too many secrets, a