p, he still did not completely dodge. A large bloody gash appeared on the back of his side, with bones almost visible.

Wang Xuan was shocked. The so-called mythical creatures were only flesh and blood, and it seemed that they could not stop the advanced robots.
A small energy cannon sprayed a beam of light, and the body of the nearly six-meter-long black tiger was pierced. It let out a fierce roar, shook its body, and fell to the ground with a thud.
A high-level robot stepped forward, slashed with an alloy knife several meters long, and the huge tiger head rolled down. Blood spurted out, staining the mountainous area red.
“Dead, a mythical creature just died like this?” Kite shouted unwillingly, somewhat unbelievable.
The black tiger in the spaceship whispered: “What bad luck!”
Wang Xuan was also a little confused. Is it a mythical creature or a mutated Siberian tiger? I always felt that it was not as strong as I thought, but it was quickly slaughtered.
The people of the Gray Blood Organization continued to advance into the deep canyon. As a result, the clouds rolled in, the fog filled the air, and the area became increasingly weird.
The small spaceship opened fire, the energy cannon blasted wildly, and a big earthquake occurred in the canyon. The ground surface collapsed, the rock wall exploded, and the impact was disastrous.
Suddenly, a dazzling glow bloomed, and the small spacecraft was severely impacted, shaking violently, and moved away from the area.
As for the advanced robots carrying alloy knives on their backs and holding energy weapons, a group of them malfunctioned and went on strike, causing electric sparks to flash.
“There is strong supernatural power radiation in the valley!” Lao Mu said with a solemn expression. Even they couldn’t pass by easily, otherwise they would definitely be hit.
Many huge creatures appeared in the canyon. They were a group of violent apes with thick black hair all over their bodies. They were three or four meters high and rushed out of the heavy fog.
The men and horses of the Gray Blood Organization used robots to clear the way in front, while there were some people wearing protective suits behind them. When they suddenly encountered this situation, they retreated decisively.
In the distance, a spaceship came quickly to pick them up.
A violent energy beam was emitted, beating dozens of tall violent apes in the valley into mud.
“There’s something wrong with the situation.” Lao Mu frowned.
Those creatures that were suspected of having supernatural powers were simply incompetent in the face of modern weapons. They were all beaten to pieces and could not stop the people of the Gray Blood Organization.
The only thing that can pose a threat to robots and spaceships is the glow rising from the depths of the canyon, but that kind of supernatural power is unsustainable and seems to be running out now.
The people of the Gray Blood Organization used energy weapons to clear the way and kept pushing forward, and advanced mechas appeared. If they were only wea