The main thing is that the Demon Lord is a very familiar person, and she may even be considered his god sister due to the relationship between the shadow couple.
Therefore, if he really wanted to rob the Demon Lord’s cave, he really couldn’t do it.
“It’s not about whether I can get the peerless secret book, but the significance of this matter. I want to save my ancestor. The goblin in red robbed my ancestor, so I will rob her!” Jiang Qingyao said, she was extremely energetic, Not tired at all, not caring about the hundreds of thousands of miles apart, he grabbed Wang Xuan and started to rush into the distance.
Wang Xuan’s heart was pounding, was he really going to snatch the Demon Lord?
Last time, he was in the land of nothingness, but he tore off several pieces of Demon Lord Yanyan’s red dress and brought it to the living world for verification.
As a result, Aoki’s big mouth not only took photos, but also sent them to Demon Lord, Lao Zhang and others, leaking his information.
There is no need to think about it. Demon Lord Yanyan will definitely remember this account for him. Once she comes back, she will probably look for him.
Now, if her cave and all her family assets are emptied again, Demon Lord Yanyan will probably explode when she finds out!
“Let’s go, the red-clothed goblin has many good things, such as the heavenly essence that nourishes the skin, and the emperor’s liquid that enhances the life level. We have raided her lair. They are all ours!”
The sword fairy held her fair-skinned fists and looked excited, a little sinister and a little excited.
Wang Xuan was also speechless. Sword Fairy Jiang Qingyao was more interested in this kind of thing than him!
She is beautiful and flawless, and she looks innocent, but she is actually very down-to-earth. For example, she used the power of an ancient madman to protect herself. After learning that she could hide from the truth, she decisively took Wang Xuan to raid the home of the evil dragon Qitian, and at the same time, she also baked it herself. Dragon meat, and proudly announced that his craftsmanship is great!
Wang Xuan couldn’t object even if he wanted to. The Sword Fairy was full of energy and flew hundreds of thousands of miles with him, across the sky, traveling at high speed, and finally arrived at the end of the land.
He thought that he should be able to defeat the Demon Lord in this world. If she found out, it wouldn’t be a big deal. He should kill her now.
“I’m so happy. The fairy in red is not at home. This time I will evacuate her cave and leave nothing behind for her!” The Sword Fairy’s face was full of smiles, and her appearance was still ethereal, clear and otherworldly. However, His words and deeds are worldly.
From a long distance away, Wang Xuan spotted the little white tiger with his spiritual eyes. The main body of the round-faced girl was responsible for looking after the house and guarding this grand and beautiful cave.
/This area is picturesque, with luminous mountains, hanging waterfalls, and jade buildings hanging in t