al white dragon. It is just the effect of light and shadow. .

But even the light and shadow effects make everyone who sees the white dragon feel its power and majesty.
Twenty white wine tables were arranged in the hall, and at each wine table stood a maid in a white dress, ready to serve the guests.
There are already guests walking through the white wine reception, choosing their favorite wines.
David walked to a white wine table. The maid next to this wine table immediately smiled and bowed.
There is only one kind of red wine on this white wine table. He has heard of the name of this wine. Euphemia mentioned it when she taught him a lesson. However, because the material is extremely rare, this wine is not sold to the public and will only be sold in public places. spread within a small area.
The maid had poured the red wine, and David reached out and took it in his hand. His mind swept over the red wine, and the strange energy made him understand that this wine was about the same level as the previous heart-warming lotus seed soup, and both belonged to the top category.
David took another look at the white wine table very close to him. The red wine on it was another type, and its quality was also top-notch.
He couldn’t help but shook his head. This kind of luxury was not something that the Luce family could enjoy at all. Maybe he could get one or two bottles of such wine through connections, but it was almost impossible to use it to hold a cocktail party.
This is the world of God. Most of the resources are concentrated in the hands of a small number of nobles. Although David is also a noble now, what he can enjoy is only a small part of these resources. In fact, more precious resources are still in the hands of the top nobles. in the circle.
“Baron Arthur, let me go over there and take a look!” Gilbert Sky Knight said softly.
“Good luck!” David said with a smile.
There were more and more people in the cocktail party. David glanced around and saw that everyone here was a noble, and their titles were rarely low.
Earls, marquises, and dukes that David seldom saw outside could be seen everywhere here.
“The great Lord Ferdinand, of the golden lion bloodline of the Berger family, has arrived!” Steward Hayes’s voice was much louder, and it seemed that he was using some kind of pattern to make everyone in the hall hear the sound.
Almost instantly, all the nobles in the entire hall, whether they were counts, marquises or dukes, stood in awe and bowed.
David also bowed his body, which was a sign of respect for the fifth-level strong man.
With his peripheral vision, he saw a figure floating in the doorway of the hall. This person’s whole body was shrouded in golden light. After entering the hall, he rose to about five meters and flew directly to the second floor of the hall.
“Another energy clone!” David could see clearly that the energized body in the golden light was exactly the energy clone, and he couldn’t help but secretly thought.
/When Lord Ferdinand’s powerful aura disappeared as he went up to the seco