go on your own. This trip is all based on your heart. Respond to the matter with an innocent heart.

However, when necessary, perhaps the noise can be louder.
/Don’t ask or guess. When necessary, you will naturally understand what I am talking about!
Go! ”
When the words fell, the old Taoist Fu Mei no longer looked at Yun Shou. This old Taoist who once calculated the opportunity for Mr. Fan to attain enlightenment only touched his hand gently, and all the nine copper coins disappeared on the table.
If you think of it, do it.
Chu Weiyang was still not so frightened that he didn’t even dare to do some testing and confirmation.
Just for the sake of safety, Chu Weiyang even passed a jade slip to teach Qi Feiqiong to use half of his mind to protect himself from a distance.
After receiving Qi Ji’s response, Chu Weiyang no longer hesitated at the same place. The moment he stood up from a sitting position, a blue aura suddenly appeared, and in an instant, Chu Weiyang’s body was wrapped around him. He rose from the ground, and in the next moment, when the spiritual light flew away, he had already left the underground palace.
When he looked again, Chu Weiyang was already standing on the five-color earth altar on the top of Langxiao Mountain in the sudden flash of spiritual light.
When he raised his hand, the swirling and intertwined treasure light in his palm immediately revealed a majestic image. When the sound of hunting came from the howling mountain wind, the apricot-yellow flag was already standing on the five-color Tianyuan Department of the Dharma Altar.
The next moment, almost as soon as Chu Weiyang’s hand dropped, the handprints were already pinched and knocked down in the air. At the same time, the whistling mountain wind suddenly started to cry, accompanied by the feng shui of the dojo from all directions. With the violent surge of Kanyu’s power, in just a moment, the strong wind was swirling and surging at the top of the mountain.
At the same time, in the whirling strong wind, the apricot-yellow banner flags were buzzing and rolling, and the extremely numerous Youhuan and Wuji seal patterns were drooping, connecting with the influx of Feng Shui Kanyu power. In a flash, following the changes in Chu Weiyang’s seal, the seal patterns merged with the power of Feng Shui Kanyu, and at the same time, all the energy dispersed like a tide.
And similarly, what dissipates along with the qi are the numerous seal patterns that have been blurred into the power of Feng Shui Kanyu.
A ball of melting light suddenly spread out, and when he looked again, Chu Weiyang saw clearly that the seal patterns were connected with each other in the air, as if they were intertwined and resonating, and they seemed virtual and real. In the connection between Qi and Ji, lines that did not exist were outlined. When he looked at it again, it was already an illusory “Dao Zhou Diagram” spread out over the entire dojo with the help of seal patterns.
And those seal patterns, which represent the outline and overlap of the lines of the “Daozh