“What are the benefits?” Wang Xuan asked.

“What do you want?” Lao Zhang asked.
“I want to kill that mysterious man wearing a silver mask!”
Lao Zhang stared, this was really unsatisfactory, and said: “What level do you have? There is a big gap!”
“But you might be able to beat him!” Wang Xuan said, asking him tactfully if he had any decrees, talismans, forbidden techniques, etc. Give him a random pile and let him cut the mysterious man.
“What are you thinking!” Lao Zhang shook his head.
“Goodbye then!” Wang Xuan and Chen Yongjie were about to run away.
“Come here!” In the end, Lao Zhang agreed and told the two of them that they could give away three talisman seals: “Jingguang”, “Yangping Seal” and “Dragon Tiger Sword”. When the time comes, they can be typed out directly, each of which is equivalent to one of his. hit.
Wang Xuan immediately agreed “happily” and followed Wang Xuan there happily, dragging Lao Chen along with him to “enlighten the Tao”.
“I have an amazing scripture here, which is unparalleled in the world, but the practice is too difficult. It requires a slightly different spirit from ordinary people. It is best to have some illness to practice it.” Wang Xuan said.
However, before he finished speaking, Lao Zhang looked unhappy and said: “Are you spying on me and using modern technology to control my every move?!”
Wang Xuan was puzzled and said: “What is the situation? Where did this start? I haven’t been out in outer space and I am isolated from the outside. How can I monitor you?”
Then, Lao Zhang threw him a medical certificate.
Wang Xuan and Chen Yongjie came together and looked carefully. They both looked strange. Was Lao Zhang diagnosed as a first-level psychotic patient?
/The expression on Wang Xuan’s face was quite wonderful, and he finally sighed: “This supreme scripture is really born because of you, and it is specially prepared for you!”
“Believe it or not, I have darker hands than that mysterious man wearing a silver mask. I will beat you to death!” Lao Zhang said with a bad look. He felt that this kid was scolding him.
“I will give you a passage of scripture first. You can think about it and give it a try.” Wang Xuan was very generous and intercepted a passage of scripture meaning for him.
After a while, Lao Zhang was lost in thought, dazed, and angry, and then he got into it again and was actually studying!
Soon, beside the bonfire, Wang Xuan and Lao Chen were forced to dance together by Xuan Ling. Wang Xuan grinned, feeling a little hairy and uncomfortable.
In fact, not long after, Lao Zhang also ended up being forced to perform a bonfire dance by three pale faces.
Only after Wang Xuan joined in did he realize that everyone was chanting scriptures when they danced!
At the same time, at the entrance of this strange space, Fang Yuzhu, dressed in white and flawless, arrived, revisiting his old place.
/The desolate Gobi has gradually become popular recently. Not only the demon cultivators such as the Blood God Ape are looking for the ancient medicine garden, but also personnel