ed to the female alchemist and said hello.

“Haha, ascetic monk, you have improved again!” Zhang Daoling said with a smile.
“Sakyamuni Buddha, it’s been a long time indeed.” Hengjun looked forward.
“Call me ascetic monk.” The man in the rich Buddha’s light spoke, and every word and deed carried the terrifying power of law.
Wang Xuan was surprised. Like Lao Zhang, he also changed his name?
/Is this avoiding something?
Wang Xuan watched silently and picked up half of the lotus pod from the other party. He didn’t know if the other party knew about it.
The fairy mist was flowing, and the divine glow shone through the sky. A woman with a crystal red mole on her eyebrows arrived. She was sitting on the ninth level of the sky. Although she had the charm of a fairy, her aura was very strong. She was a messy fairy.
She had a good relationship with the female alchemist. A strange look appeared on her beautiful and cold face. She looked behind Fang Yuzhu again and again, then smiled and nodded, not knowing what she said secretly.
Lao Zhang spoke again, and there was no one he didn’t recognize.
“What was Fairy Ling’s oath back then? I forgot.”
Wang Xuan was surprised. It seemed that many people had sworn the oath back then, and the level involved was extremely high.
He vaguely guessed that the conditions for the establishment of the so-called New Testament were to at least continue to be extraordinary, reestablish the myth, and lead these people out of the terrible era of decay and death!
Otherwise, why would a peerlessly powerful man make those oaths?
Next, Wang Xuan’s scalp felt a little numb. They were all big figures in historical myths. They appeared one after another. The female alchemist and the people invited by Lao Zhang all had great backgrounds.
What left Wang Xuan speechless the most was that Lao Zhang was a good talker, good at dancing, and could get close to anyone.
Zhang Daoling seemed to know what he was thinking. He looked back at him and said, “Do you understand the pattern? No matter what the relationship is, if we haven’t seen each other for a long time, we must have a big heart.”
Lao Zhang used a broken mirror to spy on him and captured some of his mental thoughts. Wang Xuan was alert and immediately restrained his thoughts, not giving him a chance.
/Behind them are the Dark Blood Ancestor, the Flying Sword Ancestor, the Hunyuan Demon Ancestor, etc. There are a total of more than a dozen powerful people coming, all of them are giants of the party, and they are all powerful overlords.
“Of course this time we are not making a new covenant. No one like that has appeared yet. Today we are just setting down the rules for extraordinary beings after they enter the human world.” The female alchemist spoke, first defining the gathering.
Lao Zhang, the person who provoked the New Testament statement, nodded quickly to prevent some people from overthinking or seeking trouble with malicious intent.
“It’s not the New Testament, so why do we need such a big battle?” Sure enough, someone in the fog found