Behind him, in the Xiyi Realm, the Tianhe River was turbulent, and the three passes were opened. The Jade Capital appeared, the divine bridge faintly glowed with fairy light, the twelve-story building shone brightly, and the Five Mountains Immortal Mountain There are also thousands of rays of light rising into the sky!

He clearly felt that in addition to Jiuding, there was another terrifying force pulling Jiuding against him!
This power is so unpredictable and powerful that he doesn’t even bother to hide his true cultivation!
The sky is becoming more and more distorted, and the turmoil is becoming more and more violent!
“Stop hiding, come out!” He shouted furiously.
Suddenly, the sky split from east to west. The sky curtain of this underground cave was torn apart and split to both sides, revealing a huge eye that blocked the entire sky!
His pupils turned and focused on Yuan Wuji.
Noisy sounds came and poured into Yuan Wuji’s mind.
Yuan Wuji’s white hair was flying, and he laughed and said: “You can’t affect my sanity! No matter what you are, you are overestimating your own abilities! There is no power in the entire world that can compete with me!”
The big eyes that covered the sky suddenly shook slightly. Yuan Wuji felt as if he had been hit hard. His eyes, ears, mouth and nose were bleeding, and his chest was deflated, like a person stuck in paper.
However, the Urn is getting brighter and brighter. There are blazing fires all around the cave. It is the thunder and fire formed by the space falling into the cave. It seems to swallow the giant eye of the abyss into the Urn!
Violent vibrations came from the heaven and the earth, and the mountains of Lishan Tomb shook violently, and the outermost wall of a large cauldron gradually emerged!
The outer wall of the big cauldron is engraved with mountain and river patterns. The mountain and river patterns are reflected in the light and projected inside the Lishan Tomb, forming one of the majestic mountains and rivers in Kyushu!
At this moment, the projections of these mountains and rivers suddenly disappeared, allowing this big cauldron to emerge!
Zhuchanchan was astonished and exclaimed: “It’s really the Nine Cauldrons of Emperor Zhou! This is the Liangzhou Cauldron!”
As a workman of Emperor Zhou, she was no stranger to Jiuding. She once wanted to pry off a few scraps to make treasures, but she didn’t have the chance.
From that big cauldron, light gushed out, forming a brilliant ray of light, which could compete with Yuan Wuji’s tile cave sky, compete with the cave sky, and compete with the giant eye of the abyss in the sky.
Lishan Tomb was experiencing constant turmoil and began to collapse.
/Some mountains and rivers disappeared in the tomb.
In just a short moment, the miniature version of Shenzhou in the Lishan Tomb disappeared without a trace, replaced by nine large tripods, arranged according to the Kyushu, located in the nine directions of the tomb, corresponding to the Kyushu!
The entire Shenzhou mountains and rivers in the Lishan Tomb are