their effectiveness, just like the laws of physics in the real world one day losing their meaning.

Otherwise, why would the Immortal Return be so weak at this stage!
“Is the myth just an accident?”
Correction of errors in this world seems to have no solution at present, it is the supreme law!
/Everything extraordinary will be brought back to its original state!
So what was the basis for such a beautiful mythical bubble to be born unexpectedly?
Under the moonlight at night, on the earth, Wang Xuan stood alone for a long time, looking at the vast starry sky. Is there any real soil for myths to exist outside this vast sky?
He wanted to understand the accident. Only by exploring the source could he discover the essential things.
The higher spiritual world is intertwined with mysterious and colorful light. When the extraordinary is eternal, will those spiritual worlds that can be reached based on extraordinary talents still exist?
Is there anything beyond the highest spiritual world?
Wang Xuan did not leave the city. Feizhou, Huang Chengcheng’s Little Gourd, etc. were all big eaters of super matter, and he had to find a place to replenish it.
“Take advantage of this time to exchange some rare items.” Wang Xuan felt that there would be few opportunities in the future. Taoist temples and ancient temples were recovering, and those secret warehouses were being targeted.
Immortals, extraordinary beings, motherships, robots, mythical creatures, etc. are all appearing one after another, and the calm period will soon be broken.
To Wang Xuan’s expectation, the next day, very few people contacted Wang Xuan to extend his longevity. Their enthusiasm was not very high. They all seemed to be watching and waiting for something.
Wang Xuan was surprised that a group of old men were very calm.
He received some inexplicable phone calls and text messages, and someone offered to communicate with him about old skills. Wang Xuan simply dealt with it and did not agree.
For example, he didn’t understand the invitation from the Huang family or the exchange meeting with the Yun family. He seemed to have never heard of these families. Where did they come from?
Soon, Professor Lin told him that some were from old martial arts families!
/Moreover, Wang Xuan further learned that there seemed to be extraordinary people among the people who contacted him.
“The Blessed Land has been unsealed, and various families have brought back many people from deep space!”
Whether it was Lao Chen, Zhou Yun or others, they were all well-informed and told Wang Xuan to be careful not to capsize in the gutter, as there was a group of extraordinary beings lurking on the new star.
Wang Xuan is lost in thought, is a business robber coming? He knew what was going on.
Major organizations have brought back some extraordinary and powerful people. Do the top brass of the chaebol think that those people can extend their lives? So I feel there is no need to exchange with him for equal value.
“No wonder these old men who cherish their lives are less active now.