Otherwise, which girl will marry me? I’m probably already here. Twenty thousand years old, do you still want me to be a bachelor?”

An Qi said nonchalantly: “I see, I wrongly blamed you. I thought you left a hundred million points for yourself and a little bit for Grand Master Jiang.”
Xu Ying said seriously: “This is absolutely not the case!”
/An Qi secretly glanced into the jade bottle, but still couldn’t see how much essence of the original path was left, and he felt anxious.
Xu Ying helped the elegant Tianlong regain his physical body, making Tianlong grow a lot, but compared to his huge head, his body still seemed very small.
Not long after, Qingzhu recovered some of his cultivation and offered sacrifices to his soul. Jiulong Mountain Jiucailing suddenly shrank deeper into the sky.
The world is rumbling and shaking, Jiucailing is returning to Yuanshou from this world!
Suddenly, the flesh and blood occupying half of the sky came back and rushed towards Jiuciling quickly!
Jin Buyi roared, and the fire suddenly started. The fire merged with the light of the sword and became sharper. It split countless flesh and blood, and when the flesh and blood fell, it burned on its own.
The flesh and blood that swept across the sky made a popping sound, and large meat balls hung down from the sky. When they turned around, they turned into huge eyeballs!
“call out!”
Countless strange eyes shoot divine light toward Jiucailing!
Jin Buyi rolled up his two swords with his wings and struck them down.
Xu Ying, Gian Qi, Xue Ying’an and others were horrified when they saw it. They couldn’t help but sweat over the old Golden Crow. Suddenly, Jiucailing shook violently and disappeared from the land of divine punishment.
There was a light in front of them, the sun was dazzling, and then the even more dazzling sword light swept the sky of Jiulong Mountain with the sun fire, burning the sky red!
Just two clanks were heard, and the two magic swords fell to the ground, still inserted behind Jin Buyi.
The light of swords and fires filled the sky with a hissing sound, and they were withdrawn into the two magic swords, and the light of fire fell into Jin Bu’s body.
Xu Ying and An Qi looked straight at him, their eyes almost bulging out with envy.
Xu Ying said to Xian Qi: “I will definitely prepare such a powerful magic weapon for myself. It must be hidden somewhere waiting for me to sense it, and it will fly over!”
An Qi nodded repeatedly, and the broken bell under his neck rang silently.
Jin Buyi said: “Ah Ying, you have forgotten that you don’t use magic weapons.”
Xu Ying was stunned, and suddenly remembered that in Jin Buyi’s memory in those years, it seemed that he had never used any magic weapon!
Even if he used some magic weapons, he only used them once or twice and put them aside casually.
An Qi said carefully: “Ah Ying, do you still remember our experience in Taiyi Xiaoxuantian? There are fragments of powerful magic weapons from all over the world buried there. These broken magic weapons often have your palm prints. It