There are also spear thorn immortal roots flying in, shooting out spears, piercing the cocoons with blazing sky fire, making the front and back translucent!
All the immortals were overjoyed, feeling that they had avenged a bloody sea of ??vengeance.
Other immortal roots are also rushing here, wanting to take revenge before answering the call.
These immortals are basically hiding in the Jade Mountain, collecting the spiritual energy of the immortal world and avoiding the search of the Qi Refiners, just to save their lives. Especially when he saw Xu Ying, he naturally hid as far away as he could and as deeply as he could.
But now that Xu Ying is caught, their opportunity has come, how can they let it go.
At this moment, the cocoon burning with sky fire suddenly exploded. Xu Ying’s body was covered with spikes and arrows, pierced by thorns and spears, and was still burning with sky fire, but he was still not dead!
The immortal roots were in an uproar and wanted to run away!
Xu Ying didn’t care about pulling out the sharp thorns and thorns on his body, nor did he care about extinguishing the sky fire. He was burned until the smell of meat filled the air, but he still pounced on the escaping fairy roots!
He stretched out his hand and grabbed the essence of the original path from each immortal root.
Suddenly, the fairy roots were exhausted, and the branches and leaves seemed to have been beaten by frost.
Xu Ying snatched the essence of the original path from more than ten immortal roots. Jian Qi, who was hiding in his Xiyi Realm, panicked and shouted: “Ah Ying, your body is about to be burned through! The sky fire has come to the Xiyi Realm. Got it!”
In the Xiyi Domain, thick arrows and spears pierced the Wuyue Immortal Mountain, and several arrows were inserted into the promised Shenyue Immortal Mountain!
At this moment, the sky fire comes from outside and is about to sweep through the Xiyi Territory.
Although Xu Ying relies on the immortality elixir secretly stored in Ni Wan to maintain his life, if the Xiyi Realm is also burned, even the mana will be burned clean, and the realm will be reduced to nothing!
Xu Ying no longer hesitated and hurriedly fell.
A fairy root in the air turned into a spiritual light, sweeping towards him from top to bottom like a dragon waving its tail. Xu Ying used the ladder to avoid the past and hid in the mountains and forests.
Those suffering immortal roots could not search for Xu Ying, and were inspired by the divine weapon of heaven, so they had no choice but to fly towards the divine weapon of heaven in frustration.
Xu Ying sacrificed the golden elixir and tried to suppress the heavenly fire that burned his bones, but found that he couldn’t suppress it and couldn’t help but panic: “Master Qi, Master Zhong, come out and help!”
An Qi flew out of his Xiyi Domain, opened his big mouth, and sacrificed various treasures in his body in an attempt to extinguish the fire. But the fire was raging that day, how could it be extinguished by An Qi?
/Xu Ying also activated the treasu