etely sucked into the treasure box and ceased to exist.

The treasure box closed with a click. The Supreme Saint Tianzun handed the treasure box to his disciple Shuntian, returned to the treasure chariot, and said: “Get off. Go to the next spiritual root.”
Shuntian was very curious about this treasure box and couldn’t help but secretly open it. However, the treasure box was extremely heavy and could not be opened.
The Supreme Saint Tianzun smiled and said: “This treasure box is very powerful. It contains the Dao Emperor’s lifelong Taoism. This box is divided into nine parts. My treasure box has only one-ninth of its power. But if you open it, I’m afraid Immediately you will fall in, everything will disappear and cease to exist.”
Shuntian was startled and quickly gave up the idea of ??opening the treasure box.
The Tianyu treasure chariot drove to the next chaotic spiritual root. Shuntian asked: “Master, along the way, we have collected more than a hundred spiritual roots and flood sources. These spiritual roots and flood sources fell into the treasure box , where did he go?”
The Supreme Saint Tianzun smiled and said: “Of course it is still in the treasure box, but it has changed its form.”
There was a universe in the distance, floating in the sea of ??chaos. The Supreme Saint Tianzun activated his power, and saw the treasure box of the Dao flying up into the sky, getting bigger and bigger, and it was almost the same size as that universe.
The Supreme Saint Tianzun stretched out his hand and said with a smile: “Look.”
/Shuntian looked around and saw that the treasure box of the avenue was opened, and the universe suddenly collapsed rapidly. While collapsing, all the avenues, all the stars and the sky, turned into the energy of chaos!
In just a few moments, the universe completely transformed into a system of chaos and flowed into the treasure box. No one among the countless creatures and monks in the universe escaped!
The Supreme Saint Tianzun waved his hand, and the Dao Treasure Box quickly shrank and flew towards him. He smiled and said: “The power of this treasure can destroy a universe and restore it to the energy of chaos. It just needs to refine the chaos planted by the promise. Spiritual roots and flood sources are a bit difficult. After all, these chaotic spiritual roots and flood sources are also very powerful.”
/When Shuntian saw this, he couldn’t help but be frightened.
A universe in which all living beings were wiped out without a trace!
The treasure box of the Great Dao fell back into the hands of the Supreme Saint Tianzun. The Supreme Saint Tianzun opened the treasure box and said with a smile: “Shuntian, look at it.”
Shuntian looked into the treasure box and saw chaos. It seemed that there was a sea of ??chaos hidden in the treasure box!
The Supreme Saint Tianzun closed the treasure box and said with a smile: “If enough energy of chaos is collected in the treasure box, you can bring the treasure box to the nine-leaf Ganoderma lucidum spiritual roots to strengthen the flood source of Ganoder