??Houtian Dao, the universes in the catastrophe of annihilation actually showed the scene of the reverse flow of calamity!

The palm power of the two people broke through the collision of layers of calamity waves. The Holy Ancestor roared endlessly. Thousands of arms flew forward and backward. The palm power was extremely fierce. Their steps were forward or backward, left and right, and when their bodies turned, The palm power of thousands of arms surged in like waves!
/Along with the attack of the Holy Ancestor, the surging sea of ??annihilation Dao has the potential to annihilate everything in the sea of ????the Heavenly Dao!
Xu Ying stood still. He only had two arms, which were not as many as those of the Holy Ancestor, but these two arms seemed to be enough.
He obviously only has two hands, but there are always many inexplicable palms appearing around his body to help him resist the attack of the Holy Ancestor.
The Holy Ancestor’s offensive became more and more fierce, and the invasion of the Houtian Dao Sea became more and more extensive, gradually covering an increasingly wider area of ??the sea.
Xu Ying remained calm and calm, standing there without moving. Even if the Holy Ancestor rotated around him like a whirlwind, he could not shake his body or make him move even half a step.
“Xu Ying, your Daohai has been refined by me, let’s see what other methods you have!”
The Holy Ancestor smiled and said, “You are wrong and should not have released me from the flood source. If I am still in the flood source, I will never have the strength to fight against you!”
/His Dao Sea of ??Nirvana extended crazily, and soon reached the edge of the Dao Sea of ??Houtian. As the saying goes, the Holy Ancestor is blessed by the Qi of Nirvana of the Chaos Sea, and blessed by the aura of calamity and Nirvana emanating from countless wreckage of the universe. However, Xu Ying no longer borrows Hong Yuan’s Taoist power. Naturally, He has the upper hand!
The Holy Ancestor’s Sea of ??Nirvana came to the edge of the Sea of ??Houtian Dao, but new roads were constantly being generated here, and new seas of Dao were born. These new seas of Dao merged with the Sea of ??Houtian Dao, causing the Sea of ??Houtian Dao to constantly change. , the Holy Ancestor’s sea of ??annihilation assimilated and swallowed up the sea of ??Houtian Dao. However, when encountering these changing seas of Houtian Dao, it could not be swallowed.
The Dao Sea of ??Nirvana needs to be ground and mastered to master the nature of the Dao of these Dao Seas before they can be transformed into the Dao of Nirvana and be swallowed up.
However, the speed of the Saint Ancestor’s death could not keep up with the speed of the birth of the New Dao. The edge of the Houtian Dao Sea continued to extend outwards, overflowing the black jade Ganoderma lucidum, the giant flood source, and expanding towards the depths of the Chaos Sea!
At the edge of the Houtian Dao Sea, there are more and more avenues that cannot be assimilated by Nirvana. After the integration, the H