r!” Lord Gould said immediately, fearing that Annabelle Templar would regret it.

“Lord Gould, you won’t trick me, will you? Where is the territory granted by the Earth Temple?” Annabelle Templar saw Lord Gould’s attitude and knew in her heart that she was in love with Lord Gould. Of course, she was not angry, she just wanted to know the location of the territory and then think of a solution.
You must know that the Annabelle Templar itself owed Lord Gould a favor. This time she invited Lord Gould to come over to help, but Lord Gould came without saying a word.
/“Earl Arthur, you should be grateful to Lord Gould. I have never seen him come forward to ask for help for anyone’s sake!” Annabelle Templar turned to David and said.
The reason why Lord Gould appeared at the War Temple this time was because he wanted to fight for greater interests for David.
Lord Gould heard from Bishop McKinley that David had completed two very difficult tasks and achieved a lot of great achievements, so he personally came forward to help David find connections.
Bishop Bolin came forward at the Temple of the Earth, and he naturally tried his best to obtain the best territory for David.
Garmis is a planet that was discovered a long time ago. However, when this planet was discovered, although there were water, plants and some special creatures on the surface, it was not suitable for human habitation.
In fact, this is true for many planets in the divine world. The living conditions of human beings are very harsh. If the environment of the planet is to fully meet the living conditions of human beings, the probability of natural formation is not high.
Therefore, it has become the task of several major temples to transform the planet. They use divine magic to transform the planet bit by bit. The planet will not be opened to the outside world until the environment of the planet is suitable for human habitation.
These planets are also the most sought-after among all reward territories. Although there is a lack of residents and buildings on the planet, there is almost nothing. However, one advantage of such a planet is that all the land is ownerless. Once given by the temple, the land will You can develop it at will without any trouble.
/Like some developed planets, after the temple grants a territory, just dealing with the various relationships in the territory will consume a lot of energy from the lord.
Many families have taken everything in their territory into their own hands through the efforts of several generations.
Annabelle Templar naturally knew about Garmi. This newly transformed planet had six continents, but only one or two of them had green plants and water sources, while the other four continents were all deserts.
David’s great contribution is definitely enough. Annabelle Templar told David that Lord Gould was worried about David’s affairs, which was actually his consent.
“Arthur, remember that you are a friend of the Main family. Our Main family treats our friends with sincerity. This is the foundation of the Main family!”