catch Xu Ying, and he couldn’t help but feel anxious.

He found that Xu Ying became more and more calm in the face of his pursuit, and even occasionally took the initiative to turn back and fight him with two moves before drifting away.
If it weren’t for his exquisite karma, he might have been thrown away by Xu Ying and disappeared.
“Got you!”
Jiang Ziliu suddenly realized something, and suddenly tightened the line of cause and effect, turning it into a snare, catching a huge creature in the sea of ??chaos and pulling it towards him.
However, the huge thing was very heavy, and Jiang Ziliu dragged it for a long time before pulling it close.
What was caught in the net was indeed a chaotic creature.
Jiang Ziliu sneered: “Xu Ying, you can’t get rid of me even if you turn into a chaotic creature. Do you know why?”
The chaotic creature spoke human words and said: “Because the sea of ??chaos cannot eliminate cause and effect, it is only chaotic cause and effect. However, the avenue of cause and effect is also the cause and effect state of Tao. Jiang Ziliu, after fighting with you for these years, I have understood this a little.”
Jiang Ziliu was about to speak, but he saw the chaotic creature turned into a human body. It was Xu Ying, and he escaped from the net of cause and effect, holding a big net of cause and effect in his hand.
“Jiang Ziliu, you claim to have exhausted the cause and effect, but you were deceived by the cause and effect of the Chaos Sea.”
Xu Ying grabbed the big net of cause and effect and pulled it back with all his strength.
Jiang Ziliu’s expression suddenly changed and he hurriedly avoided, only to find that one end of the causal thread on the causal network was indeed connected to him, but it was not this end that Xu Ying pulled, but the other end!
He suddenly looked back, dumbfounded, frozen there, at a loss.
“No way! This can’t be true!”
His expression was dull, and he saw extremely thick causal lines pulling at a universe, floating from the sea of ??chaos.
That was the universe that gave birth to him. It had been extinct for tens of billions of years, and now it suddenly appeared in front of him.
“But, everything in this universe has died.”
/His mind was clouded.
He saw with his own eyes that the past, future, and everything else in this universe were all extinguished and turned into the nourishment of the Annihilating Heavenly Fire, which could never reappear.
The universe where Jiang Ziliu was born is called Tanjie.
This universe has long been extinguished, and along with the destruction of Tan Realm, there are also all the causes and effects related to Tan Realm!
Except for Jiang Ziliu who is not dead yet and still retains the cause and effect of Tanjie, all other causes and effects are extinct!
But now, a completely annihilated universe, a universe that has eliminated all cause and effect, appeared in front of Jiang Ziliu, directly shattering his cognition!
Xu Ying’s leisurely voice came: “This is the sea of ??chaos. Jiang Ziliu, you think that this universe has been com