up the skirt and walking back little by little. Anyway, if he didn’t hold me, how could Shangguan Dandan walk such a long way?

It will take a long time for her to learn how to take a taxi or take the subway.
“Let’s go, I’ll carry you.” Liu Changan sighed softly, thinking that the cause of Qin Yanan’s possible physical problems today needs to be studied, and maybe it would be useful to bring Shangguan Dandan with him.
Shangguan Dandan ran back with his skirt, jumped on Liu Changan’s back and hugged his neck tightly.
/Liu Changan put one hand behind his back to support her. In fact, he wanted to hold her under his arm, just like Zhou Dongdong.
Shangguan Dandan lay on his back, swinging his feet back and forth. The child finally treated him better. It seemed that he still had a trace of pity for her in his heart. This scene was what Shangguan Dandan felt at ease with. Looking forward to it, Shangguan Dandan reached out and touched his hair.
Liu Changan ignored her, just thinking about Qin Yanan’s pregnancy, and accelerated all the way to Hunan University.
The underground base is naturally under Sun Nanxiu’s glass house at Hunan University.
Last time Liu Changan was invited to visit some facilities in the underground base, including those GAL game robots.
Su Nanxiu would not build such a secret base specifically for those robots. What he saw was undoubtedly only a small part of it.
/Su Nanxiu took Qin Yanan there and explained that there should be certain medical facilities, biological experiments and testing equipment there.
When he reached the glass house, Liu Changan still circled around and came to the location where he last saw the truck sinking into the garage.
There were only a few dim LED lights on in the house. Those lights simulated the effect of sunlight. It was difficult to tell whether they were real or fake with the naked eye. But against the backdrop of the silence and darkness of the outside world, they looked a bit weird, even more so than a certain person. The scary will-o’-the-wisp I saw in the wild some time ago.
The sensor door opened, and the blond robot that Liu Changan had seen came out, making a sound reminiscent of virtual idols such as “Hatsune Miku”, and said to Liu Changan: “Great Blood Ancestor, welcome.”
This blond robot was exactly the same as the one whose head was broken by Liu Yuewang. Just thinking of the GAL game robots displayed underground by Su Nanxiu, Liu Changan did not think that the robot in front of him must be the one he had seen before.
As for the great blood ancestor? Liu Changan did not think of any other myths and legends, but the “great blood ancestor” was also mentioned in the conversation between the robot and Professor Crick that he heard in the cave in Gongjiajie.
Those robots should still be under the control of Mrs. Karnstein at that time, right?
Liu Changan didn’t pay attention, because he had already heard from Professor Crick’s words that the learning ability of these blond robots may far exceed those of GAL game robots. They often search for va