ecline is gradually accelerating!

At this moment, a deep and boundless aura emerged in the Great Sky Bright Realm, blocking the tide of Tao power in the void. It was the palace masters who each used their own Taoism to stabilize the void so that the Tao power could not flow away.
/The Tao Master cannot resist the tide of the avenue, but for the existence at the end of the avenue, the tide of the avenue is nothing more than that.
This fluctuation in the void took a long time to subside.
Xu Ying noticed that the breath of void in the depths of the Chaos Sea disappeared, and he still couldn’t hide his shock: “Who is this person who became the Master of the Void?”
At the same time, Gu Daosheng, the master of the Reincarnation Hall, stood up and left the Reincarnation Hall, walked directly to the outside of the Chaos Hall, and called: “Fellow Taoist Huntun!”
Hutunsheng, the master of the Chaos Palace, was well prepared and walked out of the Dao Palace. He said solemnly: “With just the two of us, we can’t find the person who has realized the Dao of Void.”
“And I, Jiang Ziliu, can help these two fellow Taoists. We must find Taoist Master of the Void!”
The two of them followed the sound and saw Jiang Ziliu, the master of the Hall of Cause and Effect, already coming behind them.
Gu Daosheng was overjoyed and said with a smile: “With the help of Daoist friend Jiang, we will be able to find the Taoist Master of the Void! Once we completely open up the Sea of ??Chaos, there is hope!”
The three palace masters immediately went hand in hand, entered the sea of ??chaos, and headed towards the direction where the waves were coming from the Void Avenue.
At the same time, in the depths of the Chaos Sea, a rather heroic woman gradually dissipated her Void Avenue aura.
When she became the Master of the Void Dao, the fluctuations of the Void Dao were so strong that the power of the Void Dao surged, tearing apart the surrounding sea of ??chaos!
The surging void power even caused incurable wounds to the Chaos Sea, forming a void chasm!
The energy of chaos that fell into the chasm of the void was torn apart one after another and turned into void, making it impossible to fill the chasm!
On both sides of the chasm, the chaotic creatures like turtles and turtles flying around her seemed to have lost interest in her and swam into the sea of ??chaos one after another, disappearing without a trace.
At this time, a ship sailed from the other end of the void chasm. The hull was not carved from green rock, but a strange kind of wood that could withstand the erosion and corruption of the Chaos Sea.
A person on the bow of the ship bowed and said: “Congratulations to the Great Sacrificial Wine for attaining the Taoist Master of the Void! The appearance of Chaos Creatures during the Great Sacrifice Wine will surely alarm the Chaos Bell, so we’d better leave as soon as possible.”
That woman was none other than Yuan Weiyang who left the Three Realms with Xu Ying!
The wooden boat Yuan Weiyang was on suddenly disappeared from the chaotic se