big loss. It was clear that he had an overwhelming advantage over the spiritual god, but the next moment the opponent turned into the Nether God and fled.

But this time, Xu came prepared.
Anyone on the other side, facing the Nine Spirits Time and Space Heavenly Tribulation, would probably suffer a big loss or even die in the killing array. However, Xu Ying’s attainments in the nine ways of evidence-based research were far superior to Luo Taizong!
Luo Taizong studied the Nine Ways of Evidence from the Taoist Alliance, but he never perfected the Nine Ways of Evidence throughout his life, and could only practice the Seven Ways.
However, Xu Ying learned it by himself without a teacher, and realized the magic of the nine evidence-based methods, and the nine avenues circulated in cycles. He could understand the mystery of the Nine Spirits Spacetime Tribulation at a glance.
As if he was predicting the future, he moved a step to the left, swung the Kaiyuan Divine Ax, and struck an empty spot with the axe.
The Nether God appeared right here, and with a loud clang, half of his head was chopped off with an axe!
This is the secret of the avenue of cause and effect.
Although Xu Ying has never attained the Tao of Cause and Effect, his attainments on the Way of Cause and Effect are already extraordinary. He cannot control the body and spirit of the nine great ways, but he can also calculate the movements of these body and spirit.
Xu Ying used his backhand to place a palm on the wound on the head of the Netherworld God. In an instant, Hongmeng Dao power poured into it, turning the Netherworld’s way into the pure Yang way.
And his own Hongmeng Dao power changed rapidly and turned into the Dao of the Netherworld. With a slight push forward, he pushed the Netherworld Divine Appearance out and occupied the Netherworld Divine Appearance’s position.
He became part of the Nine Spirits Spacetime Tribulation, and the Netherworld God was replaced by him and became an outsider!
Xu Ying swung his axe, and slashed it at the Netherworld God. The attacks from the other eight gods’ Taoist bodies also came in unison, bombarding the Netherworld God’s body!
The Taoist body of Master Luo, which was made from innate spiritual treasures, was also beaten to pieces and fell from the void!
When the other eight gods saw that they had killed the wrong person, they each groaned angrily. They were not deceived by Xu Ying, but Xu Ying became one of them, and the Nether God became an outsider. As a result, the battle changed and his own people were killed. They kill.
The eight of them, plus Xu Ying’s own power, are enough to destroy the Taoist body of Daoist Luo!
They rushed towards Xu Ying, and Xu Ying moved his body. The Nine Spirits Time and Space Heavenly Tribulation Formation suddenly changed with Xu Ying’s body shape, causing the other eight gods to move involuntarily following Xu Ying’s movements, making them unable to siege. he!
/“Master Luo, I have broken your Nine Spirits Time and Space Heavenly Tribulation. If you use this method to dea