wanted to contact more universes to increase the capital to resist the other side, so he has been running around in the sea of ??chaos these years.

The two of them openly rebelled, but fortunately the other side was so distressed by the disaster that they survived.
However, the name of the Taoist League on the other side has also become famous in the universe, attracting many talented people to join the Taoist League.
During the event, Xu Ying served as the keynote speaker of the Nine Paths of Evidence-Based, explaining the secrets of evidence-based, but there were also others who came to explain the wonders of Chaos, Hongmeng, Wuji and other avenues.
Changsun Shenghai is also a master of the Nine Paths of Evidence. He has been invited to the pulpit many times to explain the mystery of the Nine Paths of Evidence from another perspective.
Yuan Weiyang also went to the Taoist platform and talked about the mystery of void, but her explanation was too mysterious and difficult to understand. Fortunately, there are many evidence-based methods that use the Nine Paths as a supplement to the Void Dao, and only six or seven people can listen to them.
However, Xu Ying and Yuan Weiyang are the only two people who can utilize the void.
The Void Avenue is really too partial. There are very few techniques related to this avenue, and there are even fewer people who have achieved it. Those who have achieved it are very rare. It is extremely difficult to achieve success in this way.
In the entire Three Realms, only Xu Ying, Yuan Weiyang and Yu Xu have achieved success on the Way of the Void.
After the grand party, Xu Ying suddenly felt a little uneasy. He carefully searched for the cause and effect, but he didn’t know where the uneasiness came from.
At this moment, another ray of light rose from the avenue.
Xu Ying looked around and said, “Emperor Xu has achieved enlightenment again.”
Xu Ying shook his head and said, “I haven’t counted them. But if he continues to prove the truth like this, he will have to prove the great ways of heaven and earth in the three realms.”
Over the years, Emperor Xu would preach once every once in a while. His sermons could previously attract the worship of many people, but they gradually got used to it.
Especially after the Void Grand Meeting, it is the period when the Void King attains enlightenment most frequently, and he often has to achieve it several times at every turn.
But compared to Xuhuang who often attained enlightenment, Yuqing, Taiqing, Yuxu, the ancestor of Earth Immortal, Buddha, Taiyi Tianzun, Yuanzu and others seemed to lag far behind.
They have also obtained the mystery of evidence-based practice and realized that our nature is self-sufficient, but the avenues they practice are not as complex as Xuhuang’s. They are often the innate avenues among the nine paths. It is extremely difficult to achieve enlightenment.
/What Xuhuang demonstrated was the Three Thousand Avenues subordinate to Taiyi. There were many of them, but it was much easier to prove them.
/“The Emperor Xu in