d be treated at will. If that were the case, with the powerful background of the Main family, they would have already come up with the treatment drugs of heavenly materials and earthly treasures.

The milky white light entered Lord Gould’s body. After a few breaths, a black mist eroded the milky white light, and then rose up in Lord Gould’s body.
“It’s very troublesome, it’s a curse!” Bishop Bolin looked a little ugly. After he saw the seemingly absent pattern in the black mist, he understood what kind of injury it was.
“I’m lucky that I didn’t die on the spot with my four brothers!” Lord Gould said solemnly.
“Are you crazy?” Bishop Bolin raised his voice and asked with some annoyance.
“We don’t want to stay in a confined space until death like our fathers!” Lord Gould looked at Bishop Boling and said calmly.
Bishop Bolin did not speak. He also thought of the two fathers. Their father was not dead as reported to the outside world.
/This is also the secret of all top nobles. The final destination of the fifth-level Templars is a creature without emotions. Every fifth-level Templar will recover for a short period of time before losing all emotions. In the process, A fifth-level Templar will make the right choice for his family and close himself off.
Lord Gould has not regretted his battle with the Plague God Gladstone until now. Regardless of victory or defeat, he challenged the god and fulfilled his dream.
“To be honest, you are really lucky. This person’s divine power must be weak to the limit. Otherwise, how could you live for such a long time? Unless that person takes action, it will be impossible to cure your curse!” Bishop Bolin calmed down. After losing his temper, he told the truth.
Of course Lord Gould knew the person Bishop Bolin was talking about. The only one who could prevent Bishop Bolin from naming him was the God of the Earth.
As long as the name of the god is called, the god will definitely respond.
“You may not believe it when I tell you. The injuries I sustained were almost fatal. I was treated once when I was in a coma. My injuries now are one-third lighter than they were then!” Lord Gould smiled at Bishop Boling. said.
Lord Gould really felt that he was lucky. Bishop Boling said so, so you can imagine how lucky he was to meet someone who could save him.
Not to mention that the man was there to save him, not to kill him.
You must know that the armor on Lord Gould’s body, the weapons in his hands, and the wealth in the space ring can make anyone in the divine world crazy.
In this case, the man still saved his life and rescued him from the world of Gladstone, the god of plague.
Sometimes Lord Gould wondered whether the one who saved him was a god.
Of course, this idea is a joke. If gods really appear there, the most important thing to do is to kill Gladstone, the god of plague. For gods, existences like Lord Gould will not be taken seriously at all.
/Perhaps only when many lords gather together can the gods look at him seriously. The gods will not pay special attention to an individual