“Teacher, this calamity is probably more powerful than the legendary Zixiao Tribulation Thunder!”
Ming Wang Sundaang said, “Senior brother, do you still remember the purple thunder events some time ago? The person who was struck by lightning probably suffered a catastrophe from the rare Purple Sky Tribulation Thunder!”
Of course Jing Ming remembered it, and said loudly: “As long as I can remember, and for tens of millions of years, I have never encountered the Zixiao Tribulation Thunder. Recently, my eyes have been opened. But the person who was struck by lightning some time ago should be dead, right?” ”
The promised calamity cloud was still forming, and there were strong winds all around, and the wind howled.
Ming Wangsun said loudly: “Of course he is dead. After so many blows, he deserves to die no matter what.”
Jing Ming nodded and said: “This person has done many evil things and deserves what he deserves. How many mistakes must he make to attract the purple sky thunder? Look, the teacher’s heavenly thunder is also purple!”
/The two people looked around and saw that the calamity cloud that promised the way of heaven in the world was shrinking rapidly. It kept shrinking from an ordinary calamity cloud, turned into red, then into gold, then into cyan, and finally into purple, leaving only half an acre in size.
And the calamity cloud that darkened the world and heaven also shrank, and it also covered half an acre in radius.
The two calamity clouds are linked together like a Tai Chi diagram.
The two of them were stunned and looked at each other: “The evil man who caused Zixiao’s tribulation thunder couldn’t be the teacher, right?”
In the Tai Chi Diagram, two kinds of tribulation thunder are brewing, forming purple and black thunder tribulation spheres in the tribulation clouds on both sides, releasing electric light.
The other men and women were already scared out of their wits and fled in all directions. Only Jing Ming and Ming Wangsun were strong enough to stay and watch.
Suddenly, lightning flashed, and the spheres on both sides of the Tai Chi diagram burst out with the lightning of the Purple Sky Tribulation Thunder on one side, and the lightning of the dark heaven on the other. The two kinds of lightning converged into a stream, and in an instant, the sound of the Tao between heaven and earth was loud and rumbling!
At this moment, the entire human world was illuminated, forming a situation where darkness and light reflected each other. The lightning was like a sword, slashing towards Cuiyan!
On the green rock, the Taiyi Divine Bridge appeared under Xu Ying. He sat cross-legged, his physical body and soul refining into one body, his golden body was flawless, and he let the sword-like thunder strike!
The light above his head collided with the sword light and thunder, and a loud sound was erupted like a bell.
Around his body, thunder exploded. The sound of thunder was the sound of heaven, and the dark heaven in the scattered thunder was like countless branch-like textures, c