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un’s eyes were blood red. There must be people who are not afraid of death, but there are absolutely no people who are not afraid!

There must be something you are afraid of!
Zuolun could feel that there was a restricted area deep in the minds of the two of them, which made him very excited. This was the reason why they could resist the first two forces.
found it!
The first dojo was silent. At some point, two bald men formed a huge symbol in the air to prevent the spread of negative forces.
Shu Buqi and Jue Buji just curled their lips. These two bald heads liked to meddle in other people’s business. He really took the throne to see how many people could die in a game.
Speaking of which, the Undying and Unliving Group is very restrained like them.
/Zuo Lun was very excited. What Shang Xu and Ai Chen couldn’t find, he found, the penetration of mind.
/The source of fear!
It was a glowing mass, and Revolver rushed in unceremoniously. This was the source of victory!
A mouthful of blood rushed out, and the revolver staggered back. Shang Xu and Ai Chen quickly gave away the revolver. The difference on their faces was indescribable. How could this be possible!
What are these people’s minds made of!
“No, no, how could it not be!”
As long as they are alive, it is impossible to live without them. Are the church members the living dead? ? ?
If they are not normal, there is no normal in this world.
Suo Ming couldn’t help but frown, “Are you afraid? This thing was rotten many years ago!”
Who has experienced so much like Suo Ming and others, step by step to get to where they are today, fearful?
It’s really a joke, but they do have a pillar, and that pillar is Wang Meng. But in the hearts of the people in the church, Wang Meng is omnipotent, truly omnipotent, and indestructible!
If the revolver hits it, you are seeking death!
“let me!”
Huo Chu roared, no one would not be angry, even people who have reached their limit, this emotion definitely exists!
In a situation like this, it is obvious that there is something or something that you want to protect extremely, and that is enough to make you angry!
“Burn the fire of your soul until it turns into ashes!”
With one step forward, the space turned into boiling blood red, and the four major orders were superimposed.
This is a world where life is worse than death!
The anger is burning!
There is no doubt that this trick works on Suo Ming and Zhou Qian.
The hearts of the church members are like a fire, a flame that can burn out everything.
But, who would be so stupid as to pour fuel on such a flame!
Huo Chu was the first.
The sky and the earth changed color, and a terrifying aura erupted from Suo Ming and Zhou Qian.
The old man was still bickering with the drunk scholar. Suddenly his expression changed. He looked at the East Arena and saw this breath.
Suo Mingliang took out the hammer, and with a sudden movement, a hurricane swept out. Four people from the Immortal and Unliving Group flew out at the same time, and their true ener

“What kind of elixir are you making?”

“I can’t understand it, I guess it’s a new recipe.”
Shu Tianchang from Liushu Island in the outer sea had a cold look, but he did not show any weakness at this time. He stretched out his hand and exploded, Liushu Island’s unique alchemy spells blasted towards the alchemy furnace one after another, crackling, and a ray of light lit up. It was obvious that the elixir being refined was anything but simple.
In comparison
Elder Ye Tong’s speed is so unhurried, every step, every alchemy spell, is meticulous and rigorous, and there is a natural sense of truth accompanying every move.
At this time, some family heads turned their attention to Elder Ye Tong. At this time, the fragrance of elixirs was rising, and it was time to judge what elixir was being refined. I wonder what the elixir elders of the elixir alliance would bring to everyone. What a surprise.
At this moment, the head of a small alchemy family whose strength was only in the Tianlun realm suddenly let out a muffled groan, covered his chest, and sat down on the ground.
/Not only was he hit, but another casual cultivator who was only in the Tianlun realm spurted out a mouthful of black blood.
Everyone’s expressions changed drastically. When they were questioning, the head of the small alchemy family struggled to stand up and murmured to himself: “Invisible alchemy method, alchemy method and heavenly method, it’s a pity that I am sitting in the well. You are not worthy of observing this elixir.”
After the words fell, the head of the family shook his head again, then turned around and left resolutely.
The cultivators looked surprised, but they also understood. It was obvious that every move of Elder Chuandan contained the secret of alchemy and heavenly magic. This young family leader came from a family of alchemy, so he naturally wanted to learn about alchemy from it. Unfortunately, If your level is too low, you will eventually get hurt and retreat.
On the side, many disciples of the Alchemy Alliance smiled lightly. Who is Elder Dan? The principles of alchemy contained in his every move and move are beyond the comprehension of you heretics. It can only be explained by force. Will hurt yourself.
The eyes of all the monks fell on the famous casual cultivator.
/“Brother Qin Heng? Are you okay?”
The monk who was friends with this casual cultivator hurriedly stepped forward to support him and asked suspiciously.
“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, but it’s a good thing. My injury, you know, my chronic illness has been healed.”
“What? Your mind was hurt by the bone-possessed demon nail”
“That’s great. It seems to be the elixir method of Elder Chuan Dan.” Qin Heng also looked at Ye Tong with a strange look on his face.
Danfa Danfa, what is Danfa? Broadly speaking, elixirs are spiritual effects, and alchemy is nothing more than integrating the spiritual effects of elixirs into a pill, and then releasing these spiritual effects when needed.
As long as the spiritual effects of elixirs are achieved, they can be achi

ms of light emerging from the void under the bright silver moon above his head, and several figures with great intelligence surrounding them blocked the surrounding courtyard.

Her heart kept sinking.
/Taoist Jingming was wearing the robe of the cave god, his eyes locked on the high-level female cultivator in front of him, and he directly warned.
“Your Excellency has not reported to the Dongshen Temple and entered Haojing City privately. Please surrender and accept the investigation of our Dongshen Temple. Fellow Taoist, please rest assured that if you are really a Taoist from a famous Taoist sect, we will release you after the investigation is completed.” It doesn’t matter if the Taoist friend leaves and is a wandering cultivator. As long as we use secret methods to confirm, the Taoist friend has no ill intentions and will not deliberately target him.”
As he said this, Taoist Jingming waved his hand, and the heavenly net above his head began to emit spiritual light, covering a large area of ??void around him.
Liu Rui sneered when she heard this. She didn’t believe a word of this, but she was still upset in her heart.
In vain, she had always boasted of being firm, but she still fell into a trap, but now there was no way to escape.
Immediately her eyes locked on Taoist Jingming.
But no matter what, she still has to fight for a chance of survival.
Chapter 315: Backwards
She knew the magic weapon of the dragnet in front of her, but she was afraid that the real Yuanshen was guarding it secretly.
But he can’t solve the killing array in front of him, but he can try to solve the person in front of him.
As long as Taoist Jingming is captured and a hostage is held, there is still hope of escaping.
As she thought, Liu Rui used her trump card, and a golden sword appeared in her hand.
That is a Yuan Shen level sword magic talisman!
The void roared, and a huge golden vortex seemed to emerge in an instant.
The magnificent whirlpool penetrated the void and instantly enveloped Taoist Jingming, as well as the four Taoists Dongxuan, Dongzhen, Dongjue and Dongxiao.
“Seal of the Cave God, dragnet of heaven and earth!”
Seeing this scene, Taoist Jingming’s eyes fluctuated and he sneered.
I really thought that Master Jingming was a soft persimmon.
When it comes to background, he has no shortage of it.
The other party can borrow the methods of Master Yuanshen beyond the limit, so why can’t he.
Deep in the sky, it was like a majestic thunder god tower had emerged. Countless thunderclouds were like a vast ocean, bombarding down in an instant. Countless immortal gods condensed with lightning appeared faintly inside, coming through the sky.
Countless rays of destructive lightning poured into the golden vortex, making it unbearable for the golden vortex.
“Thunder God Tianque?”
When Liu Rui saw this scene, his face changed.
It is said that before the ancestor of the Dongshen Cult attained enlightenment, he had to encounter a Heavenly Palace of Thunder Gods. Once you enter it, you will obtain the Dongshen Dharma Se

ivators, or The sword cultivator was fair, but he was a talisman cultivator who always liked to charge into battle. He was a typical rebellious person. When he got into trouble, he was almost transferred to another court. But in the end, I don’t know what happened. Although Wu Fatian’s personality remained the same, he could understand the spirit. The tradition of Yintang finally achieved great success and became one of the six great ancestors.

For Lingyin Hall, which has a glorious history, Wu Fatian is indeed the most special patriarch.
Wang Meng and others were invited to come, and it was their first time to arrive at Lingyin Peak. Although the church encourages communication between branches, in fact, if there are no special festivals or events, the branches are still distinct, especially Lingyin Hall does not have a special function like Baicaotang Royal Beast Hall. Daoguang Hall is an object of admiration. If you can’t enter Daoguang Hall, you can still visit it.
But Lingyin Hall is different. Everyone knows how powerful Lingyin Hall is, but few people want to visit Lingyin Hall. They give people the feeling of being aloof from the world.
It was the first time for Hu Jing and others to come to Lingyin Peak. It was indeed different from the bustle of other branch halls. The atmosphere here was much gentler, and there were many smiles from the disciples. Everyone was busy with their own affairs and in an orderly manner.
After a brief visit to Lingyin Hall, everyone went directly to the main topic. The teleportation array was set up in Lingyin Pavilion. The teleportation talisman had been opened. Everyone stood in the formation. The spirit stone was placed in the center of the formation. After the teleportation array was activated It will absorb the energy of the spirit stone and teleport the people within the formation into it.
Akito stood in the center of the formation, he was the leader of the formation.
/“Everyone, please remember the rules. If there is an accident, use the escape talisman immediately and don’t lose it.”
Akito smiled and said, basically there is no problem, but just in case, what should be explained should be explained clearly. Got it
The upper limit of this teleportation formation is only twenty people. Except for Wang Meng and others, the others are all people from Lingyin Hall. two
The pile of spiritual stones glowed brightly under the stimulation of the formation. Yuanli instantly filled the teleportation array, and a white light in the teleportation array filled the room. mango
In an instant, everyone disappeared, leaving only a formation emitting a faint light on the ground.
/There was a flash of light, and Wang Meng landed smoothly. It felt a bit novel and a bit like reliving it.
Wang Meng looked around. He was surrounded by tall shrubs and could not see the situation outside, but his energy was indeed much more abundant than outside, and he felt full of strength.
It seems that this talisman is really good, but it is a bit surprising that there is no one around.
It seems

ut you must know that the master paid a huge price to send us here. I hope everyone can Fight for your breath!”

Ning Zhiyuan said it to them, but also seemed to say it to himself.
/“Senior Brother Ning, did something happen?” Mingren was very attentive. He found that Ning Zhiyuan’s personality changed so much, and it was definitely not for no reason.
Ning Zhiyuan sighed, “You will know tomorrow. What He Zui and Mu Ziqing said just now is right. We need to keep a low profile here. We can’t afford to offend many people.”
“Senior brother, what if someone bullies us? Shouldn’t we resist?”
Li Tianyi asked, he looked down on He Zui and Mu Ziqing.
“Here, we can only take care of each other. I can’t give you any advice. You should just follow your own ideas.
Ning Zhiyuan looked at Li Tianyi’s serious and confident expression and changed the words on his lips.
A few months ago, he was so confident when he first arrived, but what awaited him was indeed a nightmare.
The expenses in the Great Yuan Realm are very fierce. Although they prepared a lot of spiritual stones before coming here, the consumption of twenty middle-grade spiritual stones in one meal today is really shocking.
When paying the bill, Ning Zhiyuan was obviously mentally prepared. They would have to stay here for who knows how long, at least before death. Even if they want to get the support of their master, they still have to perform well. If
It’s not that Ning Zhiyuan doesn’t want to find a better place, but the starting price of a private room is one hundred middle-grade spiritual stones, which is simply not something they can afford.
This is just a meal!
Ning Zhiyuan’s morale was really low, and Wang Meng and others didn’t know how to persuade him.
Maybe they really need to understand what’s going on, and it will all be revealed tomorrow.
Wang Meng returned to his room and looked at the quiet room. He scanned it with his mind and found nothing out of the ordinary. If there was anything, he couldn’t hide it from the spiritual consciousness hidden in his mind.
Wang Meng sat cross-legged and used Pei Yuan Gong to calm down first.
Wang Meng was right to be cautious, but the Star Alliance did not need to use tricks at all, because there was nothing that could resist the Star Alliance, and the Star Alliance had already established an invincible system.
All strong men and powerful sects from all small worlds must join the Star Alliance and abide by the rules of the Star Alliance. If they do not comply, the Star Alliance can directly use its existing power to easily destroy them. Facing this behemoth, no matter where they come from, they can only adapt. .
The establishment of the Cultivation Academy is a decisive move that will wipe out the entire economy.
Those who can be sent are elites from various sects. For the sake of ranking, you dare not send the poor ones. The poor ones will only die here. If you send the best, these people will learn the best things from the Cultivation Academy. All you feel is the power of the Star Alliance, how can you

d the sword in both hands. The sword hit the killer move hidden in the storm.

From the beginning to the end, he broke through the woman’s killing move without taking a step back. It was as clean and neat as a textbook. It can be called a classic. The problem is that there is no such textbook in this world. In other words, Zhu Peng quickly defeated this move on the spot just by relying on changes in sword moves and precise observation.
It may not seem like much, but one side used a special move and the other side used a normal attack. After the fight, the two fought evenly. It seemed like a draw, but in fact the superiority was decided.
The storm that was unstoppable just now suddenly disappeared, and the seven changes of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder were all cracked. The woman in black suddenly appeared, turned around suddenly, but she was not convinced, and was just about to speak. .
The black turban and hat on his head suddenly exploded, revealing a picturesque and beautiful face, with bright eyes, white teeth, and beautiful eyebrows.
Correspondingly, Zhu Peng did not turn around and sheathed his sword. Compared with the woman’s appearance, he cared more about the energy attack that had just reached the peak of Shengke’s mysterious transformation.
“In just a split second, you struck me no less than twenty-four times with either hardness or softness, Buddhist techniques or sword techniques, and each technique was different.
Even if you were practicing in your mother’s womb, you wouldn’t have been able to learn everything and master it to such an extent when you were cultivating in Bu Xu. It seems to be the secret of your Qi method, but I observe that there are still some unfinished ideas in the various changes in your Qi method. It means that the cultivation is impure or the understanding is not enough? ”
Having said this, Zhu Peng shook his head and sighed: All in all, he has lost a unique Qi Technique in vain.
Ignorance, this is absolutely naked ignorance. Li Qinglu has never felt so aggrieved since she grew up.
However, at this moment, the ground cracked with a “rumbling”, and a stream of black and gray air visible to the naked eye burst out from the earth’s orifice like a volcanic eruption. A huge demon with three heads, six arms and a muscular body burst out of the ground, revealing In front of everyone.
Most of Xingqing seemed to have returned to normal at this moment. The people on the streets were howling and running away one by one. This was the most normal reaction Zhu Peng had ever seen since he entered the Dutian Demon Realm.
To advance for profit and to avoid danger is the most normal human behavior, isn’t it?
“Are you satisfied? The Dutian Demon Realm is extremely dangerous. The heavier the killing, the more dangerous it becomes. At least 30% of the cause and effect of this monster is due to your killing.”
/Chapter 771: Lots of grievances, Taoism, Buddhas and Demons
/Faced with the accusation from the woman in black, even a calm man like Zhu Peng coul

elemental power.”

The deacon of Baizhan Pavilion added a sealing formation to Qi Feiyu. After everything was completed, Wang Meng and Qi Feiyu entered the teleportation formation.
The disciples of the Holy Temple and the disciples of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect were waiting outside. It was obvious that the disciples of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect were full of confidence in Qi Feiyu. Although Qi Feiyu had to lower himself to ten levels of Yuan Power, he was still much stronger than this Wang Meng.
This Wang Meng has now become the leader of the temple. If he is killed, it will definitely be a heavy blow to the temple.
A sneer appeared at the corner of Qi Feiyu’s mouth, “There is a price to pay for being naive.”
Light flashed and the two disappeared from the teleportation array.
The disciples of the Holy Temple and the disciples of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect are clearly distinguished. Although the disciples of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect still have an advantage in number, their momentum is stronger in the Holy Temple.
Both sides stared at each other eagerly, quietly waiting for the outcome of the battle.
After all, He Zui is a veteran. He had also fought against Qi Feiyu when he followed Li Jing. There is a big difference between demonic cultivators and holy cultivators. That is, as cultivators, when both are proud, demonic cultivators will do whatever it takes to win. And it’s as sweet as sugar.
He Zui is always so worried, will Qi Feiyu use any tricks?
Only people who have been around the Great Yuan world for a long time know that the Cultivation Academy has rules and the Star Alliance also has rules, but these rules are not unbreakable, as long as you pay the price.
This is what He Zui is worried about. If there is a real competition of strength, Qi Feiyu, who has been demoted ten levels, may not be able to defeat Wang Meng. Wang Meng is a wizard, a genius that He Zui has never seen and cannot imagine. He is the same as Li Tianyi. Ma Tianer is different, he is unconventional.
Wang Meng has been to the Poseidon Small Thousand Realm once, but Qi Feiyu is even more familiar with it. After so many years in the Cultivation Academy, he has visited many Small Thousand Realms more than once.
The two figures fell quietly on the sea. Qi Feiyu looked at Wang Meng and did not take action immediately, “Before you die, I have a question.”
Wang Meng smiled. He liked the sea breeze and the feeling of vast sea and sky, but this place was not very conducive to his plan.
“Just ask.”
/“Do you really believe in friendship?” Qi Feiyu asked.
“If you believe it, there will be it. If you don’t believe it, there will be nothing. I believe it!”
Wang Meng laughed.
Qi Feiyu smiled bitterly, “You are indeed very naive. If you are working so hard to get ahead, I can understand it. If it is for the sake of the Holy Church or other people, you are really too naive.”
Three hundred and three, only the enemy can tell you
Wang Meng shrugged, “Haha, I’m not as noble as you said. I think Li Tianyi and the others are the same. We

ouble to his master.

Zhang Xiaojiang had a chestnut on his forehead, “Carry it, what are you carrying it with?”
Wang Meng smiled and said, “Everything has a solution, Xiaojing, is there a time limit for this battle?”
“Generally speaking, the longest preparation time is half a year.” Hu Jing said, but half a year will not help.
“Half a year, maybe there is still a chance.” Wang Meng said, “Since the matter is irreversible, let’s face it. Looking at this situation, no one will help us. I have three people here, and I will find a way to recruit two more people. Just make up the numbers.”
“Wow, Brother Meng, you are indeed my brother.” Zhang Xiaopang immediately rushed over.
“No, no, keep your energy and practice harder, lest you get beaten up until you don’t even know your mother.”
Hu Jing bit her lip, “Even if we gather enough people, how can we gather so many spirit stones? No one will help.”
This is a matter. It is impossible to use the inventory of Lei Guangtang for this matter, let alone raise funds. The current situation of Lei Guangtang is not good. Many disciples want to find their own way out. Who will use their precious life souls? Shi threw himself into this useless battle.
“Okay, I’ll think of a way to deal with the spiritual stones. As for the people, I’ll find two more, and you guys can train them well, and then you can take the lead.”
Hu Jing and Zhang Xiaojiang both looked at Wang Meng blankly. Twenty middle-grade spiritual stones and two hundred low-grade spiritual stones were difficult for even the elders to obtain. Is this?
“Brother Meng, do you have any idea?” Although he was superstitious about Wang Meng, Zhang Xiaopang also thought this was whimsical.
/“Secret, I won’t sell you anyway. Even if I sell you, I’ll still sell you to Xiaojing, haha.”
Wang Meng’s joke relieved the pressure on the two of them.
The disciples of Hengshan Hall who were leaving were also laughing, “Senior Brother, your acting is so realistic. Those idiots from Lei Guang Hall really took the Exploding Fire Talisman seriously. The Exploding Fire Talisman, haha, it’s so funny!”
Chapter 35 Courage
/There was a hint of solemnity on the corner of Shen Tu’s mouth, “There is no need to waste spiritual stones on Lei Guangtang’s trash. Senior brother is wise. If you complete this mission, you will be rewarded when you go back. But Suo Ming doesn’t have to act so hard, he will lose his teeth.”
Everyone laughed. Suo Ming was still a little dizzy. He was the one who really suffered and couldn’t tell. That damn hoe just hit his life gate. The force was not strong but it was enough to disintegrate his strength. What a fucking hoe. It’s just a mute who eats Coptis chinensis. Who are you telling me? You can’t go around saying that the back of my neck is the gate of life, right?
Suo Ming could only follow suit, haha.
It was natural that this matter was such a big deal and when Xu Huang got there, the four of them were actually angry.
“***, these little bastards from Hengshan Hall are bullying me and there is no one i

collude secretly with the bandits is free to do so.”

collude secretly with the bandits is free to do so.”
/“No such thing!” Everyone The detectives all shook their heads and answered loudly.
They shouted these four words with confidence – if anyone had a chance to get a job as a cultivator, would they still be able to hang out in this small county town?
The horses were quickly found, and eight fastmen each had one horse, and four more horses went to pull the carriage.
When they hitched up the carriage, the four horses resisted slightly – the horses had spiritual powers, and they saw the dead of their kind. They smelled the breath of death and saw blood at the shaft of the carriage, and they were also frightened.
Eight detectives followed the carriage, followed by two more on foot. Those two led fifty men and were part of the follow-up support force.
In fact, the main function of these young men at the back is to carry corpses.
After returning to the scene, everyone found that many of the deceased’s clothes were gone. It was obvious that someone was here to make money from the dead.
The scene was quite bloody, but there were basically no people in China suffering from Mary’s disease, and the ones who came were still strong. If you couldn’t accept such a scene, you would be laughed at.
Of course, some people’s faces turn pale, and that’s normal.
When we returned to Huping County, it was already midnight in the afternoon. Not only did the county magistrate of Huping come, but also the captain of the Wuling Prefecture came, as well as the Wuling magistrate and the military service chief.
The military envoy came a little reluctantly, but he had no choice but to come. People from the Chao’an Security Bureau were attacked by the army in Wuling Mansion. If he dared not to come, the Chao’an Security Bureau would deal with him without considering the reaction of the county at all.
But after arriving, he knew that he was in serious trouble when he saw the four horses hit by arrows. They were definitely goose feather armor-piercing arrows, and they definitely weren’t inserted after death.
When Yanjiu and his party came back, he was not interested in checking the other party’s identity – in fact, he didn’t dare, not in the past, and now he didn’t dare to add fuel to the fire.
He looked at the more than twenty corpses with clear faces, trying to see something inside.
The general judge of Wuling Mansion took a serious look at Yan Jiu’s credentials. He was not an official in the government, and his demands were reasonable and he was not afraid of annoying the other party.
The Wuling military commander looked at the corpse for a long time, but could not find anyone he knew. He always had an excellent memory and had many contacts with the army. He could recognize at least nearly a thousand soldiers.
So he hesitated and then said simply, “These are not soldiers from this county, at least not from this government.” ”
Jiang Jun,” the middle-aged captain heard this and quickly took out a box. In the box was a The pickled human head, “Do you recognize this

many dignitaries in the capital.

As for whether the rumors in the capital are true, it is really difficult to judge. The northern deacons are too far away from Baiyue, and the number of people available is limited. Their intelligence collection capabilities are worse than those of the southern deacons. The key is that the information is transmitted slowly.
After all, China and Earth are not in an age of information explosion.
/But based on the news the Lin family has received, no one dares to underestimate Li Yongsheng.
The second elder thought about it and felt that he couldn’t just run away. In his opinion, Li Yongsheng was not qualified to accept him as a servant, but compared to other inexplicable people, following Li Yongsheng was at least not particularly embarrassing.
/Soon, the cultivators brought over the boxes containing gold and spiritual grains, and at the same time looked at the captured and unconscious tribesmen.
“Sure enough, a good method,” a mid-level cultivator came over and sighed, “This blinding formation is the method of Qinglong Temple, right?”
Li Yongsheng looked at him indifferently, “I am blinding, how come you are not blinding? ?”
The middle-level cultivator suddenly stopped talking, and after a long time he nodded slightly, “The Lin family made a huge mistake this time.”
Seeing that he had nothing else to say, the Lin family’s children took action one after another and carried their own children into the carriage.
Li Yongsheng glanced at the mid-level cultivator who turned to leave, and smiled slightly, “The Lin family is arrogant. Sure enough, they still have some confidence to come with four cultivators at once.”
No one dared to answer his words. It wasn’t until the Lin family left that Lin Munan sighed in a low voice. He said in a tone of voice, “Some grudges are made with luck.”
Li Yongsheng smiled slightly, “It’s not me who provoked you first.”
As he said that, he raised his hand and put away the boxes containing gold and spiritual grains.
Storage bags! Lin Munan could see clearly that he was really not surprised that this person had a storage bag. Anyone who dared to embarrass the Lin family should have this background.
But he still felt uncomfortable in his heart: just a mid-level repairman can have a storage bag, can we keep a low profile?
After the Lin family left, Li Yongsheng naturally had to leave too. He put away his parasol and other objects, and disappeared in a flash.
He hid the horses in a secret place. Shortly after arriving at the place, Zhang Muzi also rushed over.
In the past two days, Zhang Muzi has been practicing the “transformation” technique taught by him – in addition to learning “bending sound transmission”, she also learned this movement technique. Her efforts and entanglement really made a difference. Not in vain.
This kind of body technique is actually not easy to master. It mainly requires the cultivator’s body to have super explosive power – yes, the body technique does involve the rules of space, but in the end it is backe