ms of light emerging from the void under the bright silver moon above his head, and several figures with great intelligence surrounding them blocked the surrounding courtyard.

Her heart kept sinking.
/Taoist Jingming was wearing the robe of the cave god, his eyes locked on the high-level female cultivator in front of him, and he directly warned.
“Your Excellency has not reported to the Dongshen Temple and entered Haojing City privately. Please surrender and accept the investigation of our Dongshen Temple. Fellow Taoist, please rest assured that if you are really a Taoist from a famous Taoist sect, we will release you after the investigation is completed.” It doesn’t matter if the Taoist friend leaves and is a wandering cultivator. As long as we use secret methods to confirm, the Taoist friend has no ill intentions and will not deliberately target him.”
As he said this, Taoist Jingming waved his hand, and the heavenly net above his head began to emit spiritual light, covering a large area of ??void around him.
Liu Rui sneered when she heard this. She didn’t believe a word of this, but she was still upset in her heart.
In vain, she had always boasted of being firm, but she still fell into a trap, but now there was no way to escape.
Immediately her eyes locked on Taoist Jingming.
But no matter what, she still has to fight for a chance of survival.
Chapter 315: Backwards
She knew the magic weapon of the dragnet in front of her, but she was afraid that the real Yuanshen was guarding it secretly.
But he can’t solve the killing array in front of him, but he can try to solve the person in front of him.
As long as Taoist Jingming is captured and a hostage is held, there is still hope of escaping.
As she thought, Liu Rui used her trump card, and a golden sword appeared in her hand.
That is a Yuan Shen level sword magic talisman!
The void roared, and a huge golden vortex seemed to emerge in an instant.
The magnificent whirlpool penetrated the void and instantly enveloped Taoist Jingming, as well as the four Taoists Dongxuan, Dongzhen, Dongjue and Dongxiao.
“Seal of the Cave God, dragnet of heaven and earth!”
Seeing this scene, Taoist Jingming’s eyes fluctuated and he sneered.
I really thought that Master Jingming was a soft persimmon.
When it comes to background, he has no shortage of it.
The other party can borrow the methods of Master Yuanshen beyond the limit, so why can’t he.
Deep in the sky, it was like a majestic thunder god tower had emerged. Countless thunderclouds were like a vast ocean, bombarding down in an instant. Countless immortal gods condensed with lightning appeared faintly inside, coming through the sky.
Countless rays of destructive lightning poured into the golden vortex, making it unbearable for the golden vortex.
“Thunder God Tianque?”
When Liu Rui saw this scene, his face changed.
It is said that before the ancestor of the Dongshen Cult attained enlightenment, he had to encounter a Heavenly Palace of Thunder Gods. Once you enter it, you will obtain the Dongshen Dharma Se