ivators, or The sword cultivator was fair, but he was a talisman cultivator who always liked to charge into battle. He was a typical rebellious person. When he got into trouble, he was almost transferred to another court. But in the end, I don’t know what happened. Although Wu Fatian’s personality remained the same, he could understand the spirit. The tradition of Yintang finally achieved great success and became one of the six great ancestors.

For Lingyin Hall, which has a glorious history, Wu Fatian is indeed the most special patriarch.
Wang Meng and others were invited to come, and it was their first time to arrive at Lingyin Peak. Although the church encourages communication between branches, in fact, if there are no special festivals or events, the branches are still distinct, especially Lingyin Hall does not have a special function like Baicaotang Royal Beast Hall. Daoguang Hall is an object of admiration. If you can’t enter Daoguang Hall, you can still visit it.
But Lingyin Hall is different. Everyone knows how powerful Lingyin Hall is, but few people want to visit Lingyin Hall. They give people the feeling of being aloof from the world.
It was the first time for Hu Jing and others to come to Lingyin Peak. It was indeed different from the bustle of other branch halls. The atmosphere here was much gentler, and there were many smiles from the disciples. Everyone was busy with their own affairs and in an orderly manner.
After a brief visit to Lingyin Hall, everyone went directly to the main topic. The teleportation array was set up in Lingyin Pavilion. The teleportation talisman had been opened. Everyone stood in the formation. The spirit stone was placed in the center of the formation. After the teleportation array was activated It will absorb the energy of the spirit stone and teleport the people within the formation into it.
Akito stood in the center of the formation, he was the leader of the formation.
/“Everyone, please remember the rules. If there is an accident, use the escape talisman immediately and don’t lose it.”
Akito smiled and said, basically there is no problem, but just in case, what should be explained should be explained clearly. Got it
The upper limit of this teleportation formation is only twenty people. Except for Wang Meng and others, the others are all people from Lingyin Hall. two
The pile of spiritual stones glowed brightly under the stimulation of the formation. Yuanli instantly filled the teleportation array, and a white light in the teleportation array filled the room. mango
In an instant, everyone disappeared, leaving only a formation emitting a faint light on the ground.
/There was a flash of light, and Wang Meng landed smoothly. It felt a bit novel and a bit like reliving it.
Wang Meng looked around. He was surrounded by tall shrubs and could not see the situation outside, but his energy was indeed much more abundant than outside, and he felt full of strength.
It seems that this talisman is really good, but it is a bit surprising that there is no one around.
It seems