d the sword in both hands. The sword hit the killer move hidden in the storm.

From the beginning to the end, he broke through the woman’s killing move without taking a step back. It was as clean and neat as a textbook. It can be called a classic. The problem is that there is no such textbook in this world. In other words, Zhu Peng quickly defeated this move on the spot just by relying on changes in sword moves and precise observation.
It may not seem like much, but one side used a special move and the other side used a normal attack. After the fight, the two fought evenly. It seemed like a draw, but in fact the superiority was decided.
The storm that was unstoppable just now suddenly disappeared, and the seven changes of metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder were all cracked. The woman in black suddenly appeared, turned around suddenly, but she was not convinced, and was just about to speak. .
The black turban and hat on his head suddenly exploded, revealing a picturesque and beautiful face, with bright eyes, white teeth, and beautiful eyebrows.
Correspondingly, Zhu Peng did not turn around and sheathed his sword. Compared with the woman’s appearance, he cared more about the energy attack that had just reached the peak of Shengke’s mysterious transformation.
“In just a split second, you struck me no less than twenty-four times with either hardness or softness, Buddhist techniques or sword techniques, and each technique was different.
Even if you were practicing in your mother’s womb, you wouldn’t have been able to learn everything and master it to such an extent when you were cultivating in Bu Xu. It seems to be the secret of your Qi method, but I observe that there are still some unfinished ideas in the various changes in your Qi method. It means that the cultivation is impure or the understanding is not enough? ”
Having said this, Zhu Peng shook his head and sighed: All in all, he has lost a unique Qi Technique in vain.
Ignorance, this is absolutely naked ignorance. Li Qinglu has never felt so aggrieved since she grew up.
However, at this moment, the ground cracked with a “rumbling”, and a stream of black and gray air visible to the naked eye burst out from the earth’s orifice like a volcanic eruption. A huge demon with three heads, six arms and a muscular body burst out of the ground, revealing In front of everyone.
Most of Xingqing seemed to have returned to normal at this moment. The people on the streets were howling and running away one by one. This was the most normal reaction Zhu Peng had ever seen since he entered the Dutian Demon Realm.
To advance for profit and to avoid danger is the most normal human behavior, isn’t it?
“Are you satisfied? The Dutian Demon Realm is extremely dangerous. The heavier the killing, the more dangerous it becomes. At least 30% of the cause and effect of this monster is due to your killing.”
/Chapter 771: Lots of grievances, Taoism, Buddhas and Demons
/Faced with the accusation from the woman in black, even a calm man like Zhu Peng coul