elemental power.”

The deacon of Baizhan Pavilion added a sealing formation to Qi Feiyu. After everything was completed, Wang Meng and Qi Feiyu entered the teleportation formation.
The disciples of the Holy Temple and the disciples of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect were waiting outside. It was obvious that the disciples of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect were full of confidence in Qi Feiyu. Although Qi Feiyu had to lower himself to ten levels of Yuan Power, he was still much stronger than this Wang Meng.
This Wang Meng has now become the leader of the temple. If he is killed, it will definitely be a heavy blow to the temple.
A sneer appeared at the corner of Qi Feiyu’s mouth, “There is a price to pay for being naive.”
Light flashed and the two disappeared from the teleportation array.
The disciples of the Holy Temple and the disciples of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect are clearly distinguished. Although the disciples of the Ten Thousand Demons Sect still have an advantage in number, their momentum is stronger in the Holy Temple.
Both sides stared at each other eagerly, quietly waiting for the outcome of the battle.
After all, He Zui is a veteran. He had also fought against Qi Feiyu when he followed Li Jing. There is a big difference between demonic cultivators and holy cultivators. That is, as cultivators, when both are proud, demonic cultivators will do whatever it takes to win. And it’s as sweet as sugar.
He Zui is always so worried, will Qi Feiyu use any tricks?
Only people who have been around the Great Yuan world for a long time know that the Cultivation Academy has rules and the Star Alliance also has rules, but these rules are not unbreakable, as long as you pay the price.
This is what He Zui is worried about. If there is a real competition of strength, Qi Feiyu, who has been demoted ten levels, may not be able to defeat Wang Meng. Wang Meng is a wizard, a genius that He Zui has never seen and cannot imagine. He is the same as Li Tianyi. Ma Tianer is different, he is unconventional.
Wang Meng has been to the Poseidon Small Thousand Realm once, but Qi Feiyu is even more familiar with it. After so many years in the Cultivation Academy, he has visited many Small Thousand Realms more than once.
The two figures fell quietly on the sea. Qi Feiyu looked at Wang Meng and did not take action immediately, “Before you die, I have a question.”
Wang Meng smiled. He liked the sea breeze and the feeling of vast sea and sky, but this place was not very conducive to his plan.
“Just ask.”
/“Do you really believe in friendship?” Qi Feiyu asked.
“If you believe it, there will be it. If you don’t believe it, there will be nothing. I believe it!”
Wang Meng laughed.
Qi Feiyu smiled bitterly, “You are indeed very naive. If you are working so hard to get ahead, I can understand it. If it is for the sake of the Holy Church or other people, you are really too naive.”
Three hundred and three, only the enemy can tell you
Wang Meng shrugged, “Haha, I’m not as noble as you said. I think Li Tianyi and the others are the same. We