ouble to his master.

Zhang Xiaojiang had a chestnut on his forehead, “Carry it, what are you carrying it with?”
Wang Meng smiled and said, “Everything has a solution, Xiaojing, is there a time limit for this battle?”
“Generally speaking, the longest preparation time is half a year.” Hu Jing said, but half a year will not help.
“Half a year, maybe there is still a chance.” Wang Meng said, “Since the matter is irreversible, let’s face it. Looking at this situation, no one will help us. I have three people here, and I will find a way to recruit two more people. Just make up the numbers.”
“Wow, Brother Meng, you are indeed my brother.” Zhang Xiaopang immediately rushed over.
“No, no, keep your energy and practice harder, lest you get beaten up until you don’t even know your mother.”
Hu Jing bit her lip, “Even if we gather enough people, how can we gather so many spirit stones? No one will help.”
This is a matter. It is impossible to use the inventory of Lei Guangtang for this matter, let alone raise funds. The current situation of Lei Guangtang is not good. Many disciples want to find their own way out. Who will use their precious life souls? Shi threw himself into this useless battle.
“Okay, I’ll think of a way to deal with the spiritual stones. As for the people, I’ll find two more, and you guys can train them well, and then you can take the lead.”
Hu Jing and Zhang Xiaojiang both looked at Wang Meng blankly. Twenty middle-grade spiritual stones and two hundred low-grade spiritual stones were difficult for even the elders to obtain. Is this?
“Brother Meng, do you have any idea?” Although he was superstitious about Wang Meng, Zhang Xiaopang also thought this was whimsical.
/“Secret, I won’t sell you anyway. Even if I sell you, I’ll still sell you to Xiaojing, haha.”
Wang Meng’s joke relieved the pressure on the two of them.
The disciples of Hengshan Hall who were leaving were also laughing, “Senior Brother, your acting is so realistic. Those idiots from Lei Guang Hall really took the Exploding Fire Talisman seriously. The Exploding Fire Talisman, haha, it’s so funny!”
Chapter 35 Courage
/There was a hint of solemnity on the corner of Shen Tu’s mouth, “There is no need to waste spiritual stones on Lei Guangtang’s trash. Senior brother is wise. If you complete this mission, you will be rewarded when you go back. But Suo Ming doesn’t have to act so hard, he will lose his teeth.”
Everyone laughed. Suo Ming was still a little dizzy. He was the one who really suffered and couldn’t tell. That damn hoe just hit his life gate. The force was not strong but it was enough to disintegrate his strength. What a fucking hoe. It’s just a mute who eats Coptis chinensis. Who are you telling me? You can’t go around saying that the back of my neck is the gate of life, right?
Suo Ming could only follow suit, haha.
It was natural that this matter was such a big deal and when Xu Huang got there, the four of them were actually angry.
“***, these little bastards from Hengshan Hall are bullying me and there is no one i