collude secretly with the bandits is free to do so.”

collude secretly with the bandits is free to do so.”
/“No such thing!” Everyone The detectives all shook their heads and answered loudly.
They shouted these four words with confidence – if anyone had a chance to get a job as a cultivator, would they still be able to hang out in this small county town?
The horses were quickly found, and eight fastmen each had one horse, and four more horses went to pull the carriage.
When they hitched up the carriage, the four horses resisted slightly – the horses had spiritual powers, and they saw the dead of their kind. They smelled the breath of death and saw blood at the shaft of the carriage, and they were also frightened.
Eight detectives followed the carriage, followed by two more on foot. Those two led fifty men and were part of the follow-up support force.
In fact, the main function of these young men at the back is to carry corpses.
After returning to the scene, everyone found that many of the deceased’s clothes were gone. It was obvious that someone was here to make money from the dead.
The scene was quite bloody, but there were basically no people in China suffering from Mary’s disease, and the ones who came were still strong. If you couldn’t accept such a scene, you would be laughed at.
Of course, some people’s faces turn pale, and that’s normal.
When we returned to Huping County, it was already midnight in the afternoon. Not only did the county magistrate of Huping come, but also the captain of the Wuling Prefecture came, as well as the Wuling magistrate and the military service chief.
The military envoy came a little reluctantly, but he had no choice but to come. People from the Chao’an Security Bureau were attacked by the army in Wuling Mansion. If he dared not to come, the Chao’an Security Bureau would deal with him without considering the reaction of the county at all.
But after arriving, he knew that he was in serious trouble when he saw the four horses hit by arrows. They were definitely goose feather armor-piercing arrows, and they definitely weren’t inserted after death.
When Yanjiu and his party came back, he was not interested in checking the other party’s identity – in fact, he didn’t dare, not in the past, and now he didn’t dare to add fuel to the fire.
He looked at the more than twenty corpses with clear faces, trying to see something inside.
The general judge of Wuling Mansion took a serious look at Yan Jiu’s credentials. He was not an official in the government, and his demands were reasonable and he was not afraid of annoying the other party.
The Wuling military commander looked at the corpse for a long time, but could not find anyone he knew. He always had an excellent memory and had many contacts with the army. He could recognize at least nearly a thousand soldiers.
So he hesitated and then said simply, “These are not soldiers from this county, at least not from this government.” ”
Jiang Jun,” the middle-aged captain heard this and quickly took out a box. In the box was a The pickled human head, “Do you recognize this