“What kind of elixir are you making?”

“I can’t understand it, I guess it’s a new recipe.”
Shu Tianchang from Liushu Island in the outer sea had a cold look, but he did not show any weakness at this time. He stretched out his hand and exploded, Liushu Island’s unique alchemy spells blasted towards the alchemy furnace one after another, crackling, and a ray of light lit up. It was obvious that the elixir being refined was anything but simple.
In comparison
Elder Ye Tong’s speed is so unhurried, every step, every alchemy spell, is meticulous and rigorous, and there is a natural sense of truth accompanying every move.
At this time, some family heads turned their attention to Elder Ye Tong. At this time, the fragrance of elixirs was rising, and it was time to judge what elixir was being refined. I wonder what the elixir elders of the elixir alliance would bring to everyone. What a surprise.
At this moment, the head of a small alchemy family whose strength was only in the Tianlun realm suddenly let out a muffled groan, covered his chest, and sat down on the ground.
/Not only was he hit, but another casual cultivator who was only in the Tianlun realm spurted out a mouthful of black blood.
Everyone’s expressions changed drastically. When they were questioning, the head of the small alchemy family struggled to stand up and murmured to himself: “Invisible alchemy method, alchemy method and heavenly method, it’s a pity that I am sitting in the well. You are not worthy of observing this elixir.”
After the words fell, the head of the family shook his head again, then turned around and left resolutely.
The cultivators looked surprised, but they also understood. It was obvious that every move of Elder Chuandan contained the secret of alchemy and heavenly magic. This young family leader came from a family of alchemy, so he naturally wanted to learn about alchemy from it. Unfortunately, If your level is too low, you will eventually get hurt and retreat.
On the side, many disciples of the Alchemy Alliance smiled lightly. Who is Elder Dan? The principles of alchemy contained in his every move and move are beyond the comprehension of you heretics. It can only be explained by force. Will hurt yourself.
The eyes of all the monks fell on the famous casual cultivator.
/“Brother Qin Heng? Are you okay?”
The monk who was friends with this casual cultivator hurriedly stepped forward to support him and asked suspiciously.
“It’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay, but it’s a good thing. My injury, you know, my chronic illness has been healed.”
“What? Your mind was hurt by the bone-possessed demon nail”
“That’s great. It seems to be the elixir method of Elder Chuan Dan.” Qin Heng also looked at Ye Tong with a strange look on his face.
Danfa Danfa, what is Danfa? Broadly speaking, elixirs are spiritual effects, and alchemy is nothing more than integrating the spiritual effects of elixirs into a pill, and then releasing these spiritual effects when needed.
As long as the spiritual effects of elixirs are achieved, they can be achi