un’s eyes were blood red. There must be people who are not afraid of death, but there are absolutely no people who are not afraid!

There must be something you are afraid of!
Zuolun could feel that there was a restricted area deep in the minds of the two of them, which made him very excited. This was the reason why they could resist the first two forces.
found it!
The first dojo was silent. At some point, two bald men formed a huge symbol in the air to prevent the spread of negative forces.
Shu Buqi and Jue Buji just curled their lips. These two bald heads liked to meddle in other people’s business. He really took the throne to see how many people could die in a game.
Speaking of which, the Undying and Unliving Group is very restrained like them.
/Zuo Lun was very excited. What Shang Xu and Ai Chen couldn’t find, he found, the penetration of mind.
/The source of fear!
It was a glowing mass, and Revolver rushed in unceremoniously. This was the source of victory!
A mouthful of blood rushed out, and the revolver staggered back. Shang Xu and Ai Chen quickly gave away the revolver. The difference on their faces was indescribable. How could this be possible!
What are these people’s minds made of!
“No, no, how could it not be!”
As long as they are alive, it is impossible to live without them. Are the church members the living dead? ? ?
If they are not normal, there is no normal in this world.
Suo Ming couldn’t help but frown, “Are you afraid? This thing was rotten many years ago!”
Who has experienced so much like Suo Ming and others, step by step to get to where they are today, fearful?
It’s really a joke, but they do have a pillar, and that pillar is Wang Meng. But in the hearts of the people in the church, Wang Meng is omnipotent, truly omnipotent, and indestructible!
If the revolver hits it, you are seeking death!
“let me!”
Huo Chu roared, no one would not be angry, even people who have reached their limit, this emotion definitely exists!
In a situation like this, it is obvious that there is something or something that you want to protect extremely, and that is enough to make you angry!
“Burn the fire of your soul until it turns into ashes!”
With one step forward, the space turned into boiling blood red, and the four major orders were superimposed.
This is a world where life is worse than death!
The anger is burning!
There is no doubt that this trick works on Suo Ming and Zhou Qian.
The hearts of the church members are like a fire, a flame that can burn out everything.
But, who would be so stupid as to pour fuel on such a flame!
Huo Chu was the first.
The sky and the earth changed color, and a terrifying aura erupted from Suo Ming and Zhou Qian.
The old man was still bickering with the drunk scholar. Suddenly his expression changed. He looked at the East Arena and saw this breath.
Suo Mingliang took out the hammer, and with a sudden movement, a hurricane swept out. Four people from the Immortal and Unliving Group flew out at the same time, and their true ener