k from the void. He only needed to deflect the void a few inches to make Xu Ying His left hand attack was staggered and unable to attack himself!

What’s even more amazing is that he doesn’t need to have too profound attainments in the void. He only needs to understand simple principles to make Xu Ying hurt himself!
“If Master Yuhu encounters this Bianhuang Immortal King, I’m afraid he will die in his hands within three moves!”
Xu Ying activated the six immortal world caves, and the immortal medicine and immortal power continued to flow in. The injury he just suffered healed instantly, without affecting his combat power at all.
Suddenly his soul disappeared, and the next moment it emerged from the sky. After being amplified by the Hutian Zhengdao Sutra, it turned into a ten thousand-foot soul and killed Ding Simu’s soul!
In the palm of his hand, the desert suddenly appeared. It was the desert on the edge of the fairy world. The land on the edge was desolate and quiet. The spirit of the fairy was thin, but there was abnormal energy filling the world. That was the desert!
Ding Simu’s attack brought out the desolation and silence of the Immortal Desert to its fullest!
He met Xu Ying’s Yuan Shen, and the moment his six palms faced each other, Xu Ying came and cut into his dojo. The Zhuxian Sword Qi cut off the Dao chains flying around him, stepped forward and slashed at him!
/Ding Simu jumped back and jumped out of the Land of Dao Qi, returning to the boundless sea of ??fire.
Xu Ying followed him like a shadow, and suddenly he saw the wild sand of the desert rushing towards him. In an instant, the yellow sand of the fairy world turned into stars, and turned into a long river composed of countless stars, surrounding him.
No matter how sharp his sword energy is and how shocking his murderous intent is, he can’t break this long river!
The immeasurable sea of ??fire ignited the countless stars, and suddenly each star turned into the sun, and the galaxy was extremely bright.
Ding Simu is like a scholar, standing in the galaxy, his soul is vast and boundless.
Although he wears the attire of a scholar, the soul behind him is full of energy, like an emperor who rules the starry sky. He has an almost Taoist temperament that makes people look at him!
“Promise, this is my martial arts spiritual treasure, the Vientiane Calendar and Star Scripture.”
Ding Simu said in a deep voice, “The Immortal Desert is desolate. I have lived in the desert for a long time, but I found that the yellow sand here was actually transformed by the fall of countless stars. Therefore, I lived there for tens of thousands of years and finally understood this set of magical powers. .Please enlighten me!”
As he moved his palm, the stars danced with him, and countless stars swung their tails like a long dragon, crashing into it. Xu Ying’s sword broke through the stars, but countless stars came in. How many stars could he break?
The Zhuxian Sword Qi was struck by countless stars and crushed into pieces.
Stars collided one after another, c