ll men’s only pursuit!

Otherwise, it can range from cheating, divorce, family breakdown, career collapse, wife and children, to the worst, being castrated, imprisoned, tortured, killed without a complete body, broken bones and ashes spread!
This is the case on TV. We can’t fully believe this kind of creative plot, but it is definitely an allusion to life!
Shangguan Dandan is such a virtuous woman, but she is his mother and can only take care of one aspect of his life. If he wants to marry a wife, he will still need virtuous women like Zhou Shuling and Yaya.
“Who is the bad guy? Have you ever treated us to something to eat?” Zhou Dongdong touched his head. If others have treated us to something to eat, then it is definitely not good to say that others are bad people. Even though bad people will also treat children with delicious food. After cheating and selling it, Zhou Dongdong thought for a moment, “Where’s Sister Zhong? Sister Zhong often invites us to barbecue.”
“Yes, Zhongqing can sit here.” Shangguan Dandan patted the front of the electric car and decided to leave this seat to Zhongqing.
Liu Changan had already gone to the ticket office.
Zhou Dongdong and Shangguan Dandan quickly followed and grabbed his fingers, one on each side.
We set off from home very early, but it took more than an hour to walk around Juzhou. By this time, there were already more people visiting Shanglu Mountain.
The conductor glanced at the child on the wall who was trying to tiptoe toward the “120CM” height mark, and gave Liu Changan two tickets. He felt that the child was a little immobile, and reminded him: “Pay attention to the safety of the children.”
The ticket office was still some distance away from the queue for the cable car. Because it was going up the mountain, Shangguan Dandan felt very tired. Just as he was about to make eye contact with Liu Changan, Liu Changan raised his palm, and Shangguan Dandan muttered and gave up. After all, if he insists on going If he climbed on his back, Liu Changan might humiliate the Queen Mother’s noble ass in public, which would be unseemly.
Zhou Dongdong skipped ahead, and Liu Changan had to remind her not to fall. Because it was spherical, there was a possibility that it would roll along the mountain path to the foot of the mountain if it fell.
/After queuing for a while and getting on the cable car, Zhou Dongdong was so excited that he felt like he was flying. He regretted not carrying the wings of a small plane today. Shangguan Dandan quietly hugged Liu Changan’s neck, not as nervous as last time. He was scared because he didn’t want to throw her away. Shangguan Dandan just rested her head on his shoulder and looked around. The modern world still made her feel extremely magical. Fortunately, she finally found him.
When they came to the mountain, Shangguan Dandan bought stinky tofu to eat. Zhou Dongdong wanted to play with the telescope on the viewing platform, but it was out of reach. Liu Changan held her in front of him and let her look at it for a while. He came here to enjo