he Xumi Barrier itself was formed by a line of thunder and fire formed by the accumulation of qi.

Or perhaps the Sumeru Storm itself, which even ordinary monks at the Golden Core Realm dare not easily step into at this moment, lifted the Sumeru Fragment’s own heel high.
And it was precisely based on these tiny details that he came to the conclusion about the height of the Sumeru fragment itself. In fact, Chu Weiyang had already made a guess.
Whether the cave in the ordinary realm is broken, or the supreme Sumeru magic weapon similar to Chu Weiyang’s Nine-Stacked Snail Shell Pagoda collapses, or the overlapping and extension of the Sumeru barriers in some large realm It itself cannot be in such a stable situation, and it requires such a complicated and prosperous thunder and fire to shake it.
Moreover, even after the power of this level is really shaken, the Sumeru Storm itself will not be able to stop the real monks in the golden elixir realm.
Once the charm of Tao and Dharma is no longer perfect, in fact, there are very few places in this world that the great monks in the golden elixir realm cannot set foot on.
In this twilight world, as long as you don’t deliberately seek death in a dangerous place and follow the ordinary ancient road, for a great monk in the golden elixir realm, you can already say that you are walking on plain ground.
Of course, in this case, even though these ordinary cave-heaven-level Sumeru storms have been far away, if we have to say that the thunder and fire blew a hole in the heaven and earth barrier of the Nine Chambers of Baoxian, or maybe it is It’s just a crack. I’m afraid such a bloody battle itself doesn’t have such a solid foundation.
Moreover, once the barrier of heaven and earth is torn and broken, what is contained in the Sumeru storm should not be the decaying atmosphere, but the pure dim and turbid energy. Moreover, the Sumeru storm itself of such a series cannot be It is said that for monks in the golden elixir realm, even for the existence of real people in the divine realm, it is a disaster full of destruction!
/And a Sumeru fragment, the scene of its own Sumeru storm, is under the complete hole of the barrier of the great world, and on top of the collapse of the world of cave and sky.
With such a level as the anchor for the upper and lower limits, Chu Weiyang was already taught to make extremely bold guesses without a sound!
And when it was not about being led emotionally by Chu Weiyang’s words and returning to the level of Tao and Dharma, Gong Wan Zhufu clearly revealed that he was the direct disciple of Dao Zi, a senior sister who belonged to the Holy Land Sect. of great talent.
Just watching the subtle changes in Chu Weiyang’s expression, Gong Wanzhu seemed to understand what Chu Weiyang was thinking and imagining.
Furthermore, even though there was no one around under Chu Weiyang’s protection, Gong Wanzhu still subconsciously lowered his voice and spoke like a whisper.
“The octogenarian elder sensed some kind of unique ancient mineral vein atmosphere in the