and agreed, then he turned to Butler Albin and ordered: “If the family has any problems that are difficult to solve, you can go to the City Lord’s Mansion to find City Lord Cagel. , or just be patient and wait for me to come back!”

“Yes, Master!” Butler Albin bowed and responded.
/Andrew Knight’s face was extremely excited. If Jason butler hadn’t been looking at him, he would have been unable to control the expression on his face.
“Knight Andrew, go prepare the carriage, let’s set off now!” David looked at the time. It was still early, so it was better to set off immediately.
“Yes, Lord Baron!” Knight Andrew responded loudly, then turned around and ran away.
Butler Jason thought about finding an etiquette teacher for Knight Andrew later. The family was too poor before, and he was a little busy himself, so he didn’t have much time to teach Knight Andrew noble etiquette.
It didn’t matter to the Luce family in the past, but as the Luce family slowly becomes stronger, this aspect needs to be considered.
Not only Knight Andrew, but also the servants in the family must be retrained and given stricter requirements.
/It was still the same alchemy carriage, with David sitting in the carriage, Knight Andrew and Butler Jason sitting on the shaft, and three white horses pulling them towards the portal.
After arriving at the portal, Butler Jason took David’s noble coat of arms and negotiated with the portal administrator, and paid the usage fees to Jason Butler and Andrew Knight.
David was a little surprised. When he used the portal to reach the planet, the cost of using the portal was only one divine gold coin. But this time they went from the planet to the Bama planet. Jason Butler and Andrew Knight each The transmission fee is as high as fifty divine gold coins.
Not to mention ordinary people, even the nobles in the city would feel distressed if they paid this fee.
Although David gave a large amount of divine gold coins to Jason’s steward, he was still extremely miserable when he paid the transmission fee because he was used to being poor.
However, when I think about the purpose of going to Bama Star this time, this physical pain disappears a lot. Compared to the manor and villa in Bama Star, a mere hundred divine gold coins are nothing.
After paying one hundred divine gold coins, the administrator of the portal set up the portal and made a pass gesture to David.
“Drive!” Knight Andrew shouted as he flicked the reins.
The three white horses headed towards the blue portal. Although there was some hesitation when they were about to touch the blue surface of the portal, they still headed into the portal with the control of Knight Andrew.
After passing through the portal, David’s eyes flashed with light. When he looked out the car window again, the scene outside the car window had changed.
David first felt the change in temperature. The temperature here was about 25 degrees, which is the most comfortable temperature for the human body.
Then there is the air. There is some kind of free energy in the air here. Inh