nge Taoist runes, which are different from the immortal runes in the immortal world!

“This is Butian!”
Xiao Xixian was extremely surprised and murmured, “Little Tianzun is really amazing, he actually did it. After repairing the sky, the ancestral court also has vitality and can compete with the immortal world.”
The scattered people were indifferent to this and took off into the sky one after another, flying away from this place. One of the old men said: “I have found Xu Ying, and with this great merit, I will go to the fairy world to be a master!”
Xiao Xixian watched them go away, hesitated, put away the fairy tree, and followed them through the sky without returning to the fairy world.
/Xu Ying and Jijue Buddha left Tongtianhe and came to Jianwu World.
Jianwu is a big world with many places for ascension. There are many inheritances left by immortal kings and immortals here, and many descendants or disciples of immortals are going through tribulations.
Xu Ying and Ji Jue observed, and saw that without anyone interfering in the immortal world, these ascension-stage qi refiners, without exception, all died under the catastrophe.
Xu Ying was very happy and said to Ji Jue: “Now it is fair.”
Jijue Buddha said: “A Ying almsgiver’s behavior is unkind.”
Xu Ying shook his head and said: “Zhou Qiyun was so talented that he kidnapped the gods and survived the tribulation without being able to ascend. Xu Fu was so resourceful that he imitated the immortal weapons of various sects and survived the tribulation without being able to ascend. The master of Niwan Palace swept away all the fishermen for more than 40,000 years. Mr. Leek, after gathering these 48,000 years of immortal medicine and cultivation, you can survive the catastrophe without being able to ascend, so you can only sneak into the fairy world. In these 48,000 years, countless Qi refiners have sacrificed their lives to survive the catastrophe, and their bodies and spirits have been destroyed. They are not allowed to ascend. If the descendants of immortals are allowed to ascend through the examination, how innocent are their deaths? Buddha, this is the greatest mercy on my part!”
Jijue Buddha thought for a moment and said: “Since it is so difficult to overcome the tribulation, why don’t the donor let go of the restrictions of the super tribulation and let the true way of heaven control the tribulation?”
Xu Yingdao: “What is the true way of heaven? Now the gods of Kunlun are in danger. The four emperors of the underworld are hiding in XZ. The righteous gods of the world cannot protect themselves. I am in charge of the way of heaven. It is an expedient measure. If I let go of the super calamity restrictions, I will still be The fairy world is controlled, and they will continue to restrict it as they did in the past.”
/He paused and said with a smile: “Buddha, I will send you to the Great Thunder Sound Temple in Mount Sumeru. Master Daoyuan is still there to suppress the evil Buddha Gao Bodhi. Your cultivation is not good enough to help me completely suppress