ojian cannot be stopped or interrupted!

As soon as he thought of this, those unfamiliar memories once again wandered in Chu Weiyang’s mind and memory.
He continued to think about places like this island.
At the same time, even during the process of smelting the Nine Aperture Ghost Copper, a hole of faint light shone in the center of Chu Weiyang’s eyebrows in the Xuanzhen Treasure Mirror, and suddenly turned into a layer of gauze hanging down.
And as this hazy gauze fell, soon, those familiar memories mixed with many unfamiliar memories also wandered in Chu Weiyang’s mind.
From his original background as an Earth Master, Chu Weiyang suddenly gained insight into more of the numerous techniques and means of this Tao.
And it is precisely because of this crazy accumulation of knowledge that Chu Weiyang finally has the confidence to slightly change, modify, and sort out the Feng Shui Kanyu formation here, so that all changes will not leave a trace, and others will only think that they are the same. There is no way to grasp the name of the formation, but it can actually affect the cultivation of various cultivators in breaking the formation.
At the same time as he thought of this, Chu Weiyang waved the apricot-yellow flag in his hand, and the Wuji seal pattern, as numerous as a sea of ??smoke, spread and drooped towards the islands.
In order to disguise his portrait, Chu Weiyang could even arouse the earth’s energy and destroy part of the island’s appearance, causing the rocks to collapse and the earth’s veins to be exposed.
Chu Weiyang was faking the traces of his fighting skills and breaking the formation.
However, such changes not only did not reduce the power of the Feng Shui Kanyu Formation, but due to the direct exposure of the earth’s veins, in a short period of time when the earth energy is not exhausted, the power of the formation will truly reach the level above that of the formation. Absolutely top.
That is the power of natural phenomena, revealed with the help of the amplification of the magic circle!
After doing this, Chu Weiyang looked around with satisfaction, feeling that it was enough to teach the cultivators to drink another pot. Then, Chu Weiyang waved the flag with one hand to clear the way, and held up the Xuan Xuan in the process of transformation with one hand. The true treasure mirror, stepping on the blue spiritual light, escaped deeper.
One breath, two breaths, three breaths
After a really long time, a sound breaking through the air arrived here.
/I could see the Feng Shui array shining brightly all around. Before anyone could react, the qi had already been intertwined together in the electric light and stone fire. When I looked at it again, it seemed like a big net, like a pocket-handkerchief, like a handkerchief. The canopy fell like this.
The energy was stronger than before, and the momentum was also faster.
Seeing this, the person just snorted softly. When he raised his hand again, five-color radiance appeared. Suddenly, a dragon-like but not a dragon, like a snake or a dragon,