ellow Daoist Xu’s Heavenly Way to perfect the Heavenly Way in Penglai Wonderland. It also needs Fellow Daoist Xu to jointly fight against the invasion of the Demon Realm!”

Penglai Immortal Master looked solemn and said, “In recent years, Penglai Immortal Realm has been fighting against the demonic realm and guarding the peace of all heavens and worlds. It’s just that the Heavenly Dao of Penglai Immortal Realm is lacking, so the immortals in Penglai Immortal Realm are never as powerful as the immortals in the Immortal Realm. That’s it. Therefore, I have a heartless request, please allow my fellow Taoist to help me Penglai and complete the way of heaven!”
Xu Ying said seriously: “The Immortal Master and his Taoist friends from the Immortal Realm are fighting against the Demonic Realm. This is a major event related to the peace of all worlds. How can I refuse?”
Penglai Immortal Master smiled and said: “You will stay in your former residence these days. When I am ready, I will inform you. By the way, since you left, this house has been closed and no one has come in.”
Xu Ying was stunned, bowed and said, “Thank you, Immortal Master.”
Immortal Master Penglai turned and left, smiling: “Tiangang, come with me, don’t disturb Fellow Daoist Xu.”
Yuan Tiangang said yes, winked at Xu Ying, and followed Immortal Master Penglai away.
Xu Ying looked around and calmed down. After a while, he mustered up the courage to open the door.
This door has been sealed for fifteen thousand years, like a portal containing ancient memories. Xu Ying opened the door and walked in, picking up several memories that had been sealed in dust.
Immortal Lord Penglai has indeed protected this place very well, and no one has touched it for more than 10,000 years.
He saw the teacup and teapot on the table, and there was still warm tea in the cup, as if he had just left here.
/The tea in the pot was also warm, and there was an open book next to it. Xu Ying picked it up and read it. The handwriting on it was beautiful, recording some of Yan Baoer’s experiences in discussing the techniques with Immortal Penglai.
Xu Ying read it carefully.
After a while, he came to the dressing table, where there was also a box containing powder and a faint fragrance.
Xu Ying picked up the comb and sat down, facing the bright bronze mirror, where Yan Baoer sat dressing up.
At this time, he saw a strand of curly white hair buried under the powder box.
That was Yan Baoer looking in the mirror, pulling out his white hair, and secretly hiding it here.
Xu Ying felt a pain in his heart. He was an immortal, immortal, immortal, and immortal, but Yan Baoer, who was following him around, was not.
The slave girl who was locked in a cage and told him that she seemed to have seen you in her previous life has begun to grow old and has gray hair, but she still thinks of him wholeheartedly and pulls out her gray hair, not wanting him to worry.
/She doesn’t want to be a burden to him, nor does she want the couple to be separated.
Xu Ying put away this strand of white hair, plac