not inferior even to existences like Taoist Ji!

Little Tianzun raised his head and said: “My car is here!”
The red clouds dispersed, and two black unicorns pulled a chariot down from the sky. On top of the chariot was a fiery red canopy with pearls hanging around it, and a few bright pearls the size of castanopsis hanging from it.
The brilliant red clouds just now shot out from the canopy.
The two Mo Qilin pulled the chariot to the ground, came to the little Tianzun, and rubbed his figure intimately.
Little Tianzun boarded the chariot, glanced at Xu Ying and Zhou Yashu, and said, “Come up.”
/Xu Ying stood in front of the two Mo Qilin, admiring him again and again, and said solemnly: “The two Taoist friends have extraordinary divine horses, and their auras are so powerful. They look like ancient heroes at a glance! I would like to make friends with these two eight worshipers and become brothers with different surnames. !”
Little Tianzun’s hands couldn’t help but trembled, and he said something bad in his heart: “He has lost his memory for so long, and I don’t know when he got into the bad habit of worshiping me. I don’t know how many uncles and uncles he gave me! My little Tianzun’s name is ”
Xu Ying wanted to pull the two Mo Qilin to sworn sworn brothers. Little Tianzun coughed. The two Mo Qilin were so kind that they really wanted to kowtow and burn incense and become brothers with him, but when they heard Little Tianzun’s cough, they quickly refused.
Xu Ying had no choice but to board the Qilin chariot, feeling unhappy.
Two Mo Qilin pulled the chariot into the sky and drove towards the other side of the ancestral court.
Little Tianzun said: “This precious chariot is called the Honghua Treasure Chariot. After the canopy is raised, it forms the sky and the earth, and the sky is filled with red light. Among them, the hanging pearls turn into stars, and several bright pearls are made from the sun and the moon. Even if the moon changes, Even when a real person is at his peak, it is difficult to break through.”
Xu Ying was puzzled and said: “Then why didn’t you bring this chariot before?”
Little Tianzun said without hesitation: “I came to see you, there is no need to be so luxurious.”
As soon as he said this, he suddenly felt that it was inappropriate, so he stopped talking.
The Qilin chariot drove for half a day, leaving a streak of red clouds in the sky. Suddenly, clouds bloomed in front of it, blocking the way. Above the clouds is a jade platform with a palace and many enchanting girls walking among them.
There is a man playing the harp at the palace gate. There are misty clouds in front of him, and a woman in red clothes is dancing with a sword in the mist.
“Your Majesty, this is the palace of Lord Yan Zhen!” one of the Mo Qilin said.
Little Tianzun’s eyes were dark and he said, “Mr. Yan Zhen is blocking my way. Could it be that he is also here to kill me?”
Xu Ying poked his head out of the chariot and said with a smile: “Zhenjun Yan is so heroic and admirable. I promise that I will marry Jinlan