price is twenty taels of alchemy, or twenty spiritual stones. If the treasure material is not suitable, we will not accept it!”

“As for the better one, Tiangang Jade Dew and Fragrance Pill, it is not available in every market. You have to put down a deposit first and ask the master’s seniors to open the furnace. The price is 270 taels for alchemy, and the deposit is 30%. .”
Having said that, the old man stopped talking. The old man was looking at Chu Weiyang, waiting for the young man’s choice.
Lingshi, there is no scum in Chu Weiyang’s body.
For alchemy, I plundered some from Guanshi Ma’s “former residence”.
The so-called alchemist.
/It’s like some monks use evil spirit to condense evil spirit.
Naturally, there are also monks who combine mundane gold and silver with spiritual iron ore and refine it together to obtain one. What is refined is extremely precious, so it is called alchemy.
This is a very precious weapon refining material, like a spiritual stone, that almost everyone can use.
It’s a pity that even Manager Ma doesn’t have much alchemy.
If you only buy one Dragon-Tiger Huiyuan Pill, you may be stretched thin.
After pondering for a moment, Chu Weiyang made a decision immediately.
“Trouble sir, please bring three pots of Baicao Po Erdan, I will…”
Before Chu Weiyang finished speaking, a gloomy voice came from outside the door.
“The son of Jianzong dares to come to Heyuan? I heard that your family was stabbed a while ago, and only one elder survived. I’m so embarrassed! Why did you buy elixirs? You also taught Ye Ye to stab him. You may be able to feel comfortable, but don’t kowtow to thank me when the time comes, and give me some alchemy and some spiritual stones to play with in advance, how about that?”
Hearing the voice of the man outside the shop, behind the counter, the old man who was bending down to get the elixir for Chu Weiyang suddenly moved, then straightened up and looked at Chu Weiyang calmly.
“No matter how great the reputation of the Alchemy Sect is, this is still in the Heyuan area. Don’t expect me to protect your life after buying three pots of elixirs. Of course, as long as you stand in my shop, I will always have something to say to outsiders, but If I wait until you finish buying the elixir”
As he spoke, the old man shook his head, his meaning already very obvious.
At the same time, the voice of the man outside the door continued, and his words became more and more sarcastic.
But as the tone of his voice suddenly rose, the earlier sinister aura suddenly disappeared, and he suddenly became noisy.
“Oh, by the way, I heard that your parents always went to Tingchangshan’s old mother, and then had others beat her to death. She was disgraced.”
“Teach you to be a good boy. Don’t run around with a sword in your hands now. That means you are kindhearted and don’t want to hurt anyone’s life.”
“Speaking of which, your sword sect still has some evil spirit, which is really a strange and naughty thing. Do you have any here? Come with me and teach me how to open my eyes!”
The more