“Hey! Hey!”
The real person Yuhu quickly raised his hand, but Qingzhu had disappeared without a trace.
Master Yuhu stamped his feet and said angrily: “You bastard, how can you say that the founder is not a kind person when we meet? What a bastard!”
/He frowned and said to himself: “Even the last disciple is gone, and my orthodoxy is probably going to be extinct in the world. It’s so shameful that Cang Wu actually came back to life!”
At this time, a man walked into Taixu Cave and looked around.
Master Yuhu’s eyes lit up and he called out: “Who are you? I am Master Yuhu in the immortal world. I saw that your heavenly spirit cap has a precious light rising to the sky. I am destined to accept you as my disciple.”
Suddenly, another girl in colorful clothes ran over and smiled at him: “Master Immortal, he is a fool and is ignorant.”
Only then did Master Yuhu notice that there was a big hole in the man’s head. There was no brain inside, it was completely empty.
He looked at the girl in colorful clothes and said with a smile: “My way is like a precious light rising into the sky. Those who are destined to come will definitely come. It turns out that the destined one is you. Girl, kowtow quickly and call me Master.”
The girl in colorful clothes was about to speak, but the fool pulled her to kneel on the ground, kowtowing repeatedly, and her head banged loudly.
Master Yuhu felt relieved: “Both of them don’t look smart. That’s all, I have lost my orthodoxy in the mortal world, and my only disciple said that I have evil intentions. Let’s accept these two unsmart people as my disciples. . The plot against Cang Wu will still fall on them.”
That fool Ah Fu kowtowed to him, stretched out his hand, and smiled stupidly: “Ceremony, ceremony, greeting ceremony!”
Upon seeing this, Master Yuhu knew that his lineage was no longer there, so he really wanted to give some greeting gifts to the two new disciples, so he said: “As my teacher, I have been honored by the emperor and gave me a gourd of Hunyuan elixir, and I will give it to you.”
In the rising glow, a fairy light curled down from the sky and landed in front of the two of them.
Feng Xian’er was surprised and happy, and quickly put away the elixir, her heart pounding wildly.
The fool Afu scratched his head and said: “Immortal Lord, clothes, clothes, clothes!”
Master Yuhu saw that his clothes were tattered and dirty, and thought to himself: “My two disciples are really too shabby to wear, so I’ll give them each a set of Jialan Immortal Clothes that I refined.”
He then gave him immortal clothes.
The fool Ah Fu was overjoyed, kowtowed repeatedly, made cultivation movements, and said to him: “Immortal Lord, Dharma! Dharma!”
Master Yuhu bestowed the skills and said: “My method is even more powerful than the Hutian Wenxian Sutra I left before my ascension. It is called the Hutian Zhengdao Sutra! You are so busy studying and practicing. I still have tasks to entrust to you as a teacher.” ”
/“Immortal Lord, treasure! Treasure!” The fool Ah Fu jumped up and laughed.