r-in-law, he paid special attention to the title of ‘Great Sage’. With this title, he felt like the ink in his stomach was swelling.

The Gu Yan Kingdom established by the Gu Diao Clan is not far from the ancient emirate where Qingqiu Mountain is located. Viewed from a high place, it is in line with the Gu Qu Kingdom, which has mobilized a large number of troops. Once Gu Yan is destroyed, Gu Qu will be able to go all the way. Push horizontally and send troops to the gate of the ancient chieftain.
Just looking at it from a strategic perspective, there is nothing wrong with it.
Looking at the capital city of Gujing Kingdom five hundred miles away, the sky and the earth are covered in gray, smoke is like pillars, and demonic clouds are supporting the sky and blocking out the sun.
The strong wind whipped the flags, and the sound of drums and the roar of giant beasts spread in all directions.
The rolling pressure rushes down on the face, the wind is fierce, and the momentum is like a mountain.
The army of Guqu State has been fighting for several days, and the drums are beating non-stop every day. Five major bloodlines appear in the sky and the shadow of the big demon appears. You sing and I will appear on the stage, which severely suppresses the morale of Gu Yan State.
In the royal capital, there were only two great demon bloodlines, Gu Diao and Bai Ze, who could show their strength, and their fighting skills were far inferior. The morale in the city was deteriorating, and several defections and desertions occurred.
With this attack on the heart, in three to five days, Guqu’s army will advance, and the entire Guyu Kingdom will be destroyed.
The Gu Diao stretched its wings, stepped into the royal capital’s defense formation with the token, and slowly landed on the highest point of the city.
Tai Su glanced at the large defensive formation that blocked the sky, and shook his head slightly: “This formation is lackluster. Although it has no obvious weaknesses, it also has no absolute strong points. It is really mediocre.”
He muttered to himself and thought about the concept of the Star Formation, but there was too little ink in his stomach to turn the envisioned concept into reality.
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It doesn’t matter if you can beat him, he doesn’t understand any principles, and a full cow’s belly is just a piece of straw.
Taisu had a look of disgust on his face, looking down on himself who knew so little about him.
I heard Bai Chen brag and boast that the Bai Ze clan is a cultured monster clan with countless treasures. In addition to the summary of the senior monster clan, there are also classics from various human clans. After this fight, there are books to read.
“Daxian, the Guqu National Army Formation is just ahead. You are tired from traveling and traveling, and you are tired and exhausted from the journey. Why don’t you take a rest for the night and wait until tomorrow?”
“No, my fists are already thirsty.”
/Taisu declined Bai Chen’s kindness. In order to have an evenly matched battle