gradually went back, getting older and older, and gradually came to the memory of a hundred generations.

Some of these memories were from his time as a Nuo master. However, he was discovered by Beichenzi, Fu Yi and others before he could practice to a high level. They sealed his memories early and sent him to another place to start a new life.
“In my memory, I wonder if there is any memory of the great changes in the world three thousand years ago?”
Xu Ying’s heart suddenly moved, and he thought of the key technique. He had never figured out what happened during the time when heaven and man were sensing each other. Why did heaven and earth suddenly fold and seal? Why do all the Qi Masters suddenly disappear?
Why did the Dharma-Ending Age, which was originally the age of Qi Refiners, suddenly become the age of Nuo Masters?
In front of him, a tall young man was also climbing a mountain. He had a great aura and walked on Yuxu Mountain as if he were following his own country, measuring the world with his steps.
Xu Ying saw his strange posture and felt curious in his heart. Although the man was tall, his shoulders were not broad and he looked quite tall.
A golden cloak was tied to a golden ring on his shoulder. It was pulled by the mountain wind and floated backwards. The mist in the mountains passed through his cloak and was shaped into small vortexes.
The man seemed to sense his breath and slowed down slightly.
Xu Ying came to the young man unknowingly and saw that the young man was wearing a pure black coat with white lining, a high nose, eyes as narrow as a wasp’s body, and a deep majesty.
There is a sword on his waist, and the handle of the sword is square, like a big seal symbolizing power. The scabbard is also square and engraved with gluttonous texture.
His sword is as long as his body.
Seeing his gaze, Xu Ying nodded slightly to show that he meant no harm and planned to pass by him.
The young man in black also bowed slightly, indicating that he had no ill intentions.
Xu Ying suddenly slowed down and said with a smile: “Brother, have we met before? I think you are somewhat familiar.”
A smile appeared on the stern face of the young man in black, and his voice seemed to be buzzing in his chest, and then it came out of his mouth, which seemed very thick.
“My surname is Zhao, and my last name is the word political.”
/The young man in black said, “It’s natural for us to see immortal gods appear in history. Maybe we sat and talked about them back then.”
Xu Ying nodded lightly and said with a smile: “My memory has been sealed, and I can’t remember many things.”
Zhao Zhengdao: “If you live too long, you will forget some things, and I am the same. In my time, the person who was in power was not the stupid emperor today.”
When Xu Ying heard him ridiculing the current emperor, he felt a little close to him: “The Holy Emperor is really not up to par.”
Zhao Zhengdao: “I heard that the emperor is dead and was killed by his eunuchs.”
Hearing this, Xu Ying laughed and said, “Dead? A good death!”
Zhao Zheng