“No wonder I didn’t tie a ponytail today, but why don’t you give it a try? In fact, cheongsam does not necessarily have to be a mature look. Girls and cheongsam can also go well together, especially the style that was originally designed for you, with a round head and long hair hanging below the ears. Ponytail is fine.” Liu Changan thought for a while and said.
It’s nice to have a boyfriend who can give you advice on how to dress. An Nuan is also a little eager to try it. She actually imitates her mother’s temperament unconsciously when she wears a cheongsam.
“Then let’s change together.” An Nuan handed a bag to Liu Changan.
Liu Changan took it and opened it to see that there were several pieces in pieces.
“I told you before that if you give me clothes, what kind of gift you can get in return depends on your performance.” An Nuan coughed lightly, her eyes moved, and she tried to keep her tone very normal, “It depends on your performance. Not bad, so I just made some clothes for you.”
“Just made some clothes?” Liu Changan laughed, “This kind of workmanship is definitely not something you, a novice, can do casually.”
“Who said I’m a novice?” An Nuan blushed, “I just do it casually.”
“Did you have a summer vacation?” Liu Changan just smiled and looked at An Nuan’s red face.
An Nuan hesitated twice. Seeing the tenderness in Liu Changan’s eyes, she finally lost her reserve. She was also sure that the gift she gave him did not disappoint him. Then she relaxed and acted coquettishly, “Look, my fingers were pricked by needles.” So many hits!”
Liu Changan took her finger and looked at it. It turned out that it was like a novice who had just learned needlework for a while and poked some small holes, and the fingertips were red. Liu Changan took her finger and put it in his mouth and sucked it gently. .
An Nuan was so embarrassed because she felt her fingertips touching his tongue. Why did this person suddenly do obscene things? In modern people’s minds, finger licking is a very erotic action, whether it is licking one’s own while looking at others, or licking someone else’s and looking at others.
“It’s better.” Liu Changan said calmly.
An Nuan wrinkled her nose and looked at her fingers in confusion. Her fingers were swollen and painful after being poked many times due to rushing to work, but they actually felt cool and comfortable.
“Of course, it contains my essence.”
/“Jingyuan, you’re so big!” An Nuan said angrily, but she couldn’t help but think of the time when she injured her finger while playing ball on the university campus, and the way he ran over and held her finger in his mouth. Oh, so shy! But there is no way to resist!
“What are you thinking about?” Liu Changan looked at An Nuan’s shy and happy expression and didn’t know what he was thinking.
/“It’s nothing!” An Nuan looked around and didn’t look at Liu Changan. “Actually, it was mainly my mother who helped me a lot. She taught me. If I had taught myself and made it in one summer vacation, I would definitely not dare to give it to you.