enforcement team and the fourth-level sky knights from the Noble Affairs Department went there with a temporary portal. At present, there is only a preliminary investigation, and the detailed investigation is still in progress.

Among the intelligence was a description of Denis Castle, with its almost completely exposed walls, showing the greed of the attackers.
The raiders evacuated Denis Castle and the surrounding city, leaving nothing of value behind.
The description of the battle in the intelligence was two words ‘massacre’. There was no trace of the battle. The entire Dennis family was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.
Only the room of August the fifth-level Templar had some slight traces of battle. It was these traces of battle that led intelligence personnel to analyze that August the fifth-level Templar had fallen.
All the items were evacuated, and everyone was killed, but this time it was a city. The strength of the Dennis family was not comparable to that of the Barry family, but the result was the same.
Sheriff Frazier thought about Duke Arthur coming to report the crime with evidence at this time. Looking at the magic amulet on the table and a stack of information, he immediately understood what Duke Arthur was thinking.
/No matter who it is, it will be very difficult to investigate Duke Arthur, because Duke Arthur has produced evidence in advance and reported the case. Unless it can be proven that there is something wrong with the evidence provided by Duke Arthur, or he has obtained the evidence of Duke Arthur. Duke Arthur massacred the Dennis family with direct evidence, otherwise nothing could be done to Duke Arthur.
Duke Arthur is now a Duke and has certain privileges. Coupled with the power behind him and a large number of contacts, he is no longer the powerless little nobleman in the countryside.
Sheriff Fraser shook his head. All he had to do was report Duke Arthur’s report to the chamber, and the chamber would handle it.
He took out a piece of blank parchment, wrote the details of the case reported by Duke Arthur, attached a magic talisman, and transmitted it to the council chamber through a small object teleportation circle.
“Butler Jason, you send someone to Boyo Star to deal with the aftermath. The compensation that should be given will be doubled!” David summoned Butler Jason when he returned to the villa and ordered.
“Something happened in the Boyo Star mining area?” Butler Jason asked anxiously upon hearing this.
No wonder Butler Jason is anxious. As the butler of the Luce family, he naturally knows the current financial situation of the Luce family.
Although Arthur is already a Duke, the family has very little income.
Boyo Star’s mining area is the most profitable of all industries. Although the Kryptonite mining area has no output, the output of the Zijin mining area is higher than the value created by the rest of the family’s industries.
“The Zijin Mining Area and the Black Rock Mining Area over there were attacked. The miners and managers were all dead. Send people ove